Starplay.Inc Partners With Vietnam VTV for a New Audition Program

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Starplay.Inc Partners With Vietnam VTV for a New Audition Program
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On Tuesday, Starplay.Inc has signed a business agreement with Vietnam Television. Within the agreement, Starplay.Inc will produce an audition program in Vietnam and make New K-wave Festival.

On Tuesday, Starplay.Inc, a company engaged in broadcast contents production, entertainment, and IT fusion business, has signed a business agreement with Vietnam Television (Vietnam VTV), a public broadcasting company. The agreement has been signed at VTV headquarters.

The partnership is a part of the content production alliance between the companies. Within the agreement, Starplay.Inc will produce an audition program for Vietnam and New K-wave Festival.

Earlier, the company’s CEO Ho-gi, Yoon has already had experience in making a similar program. In 2017, he took part as a music director at Galaxy Star 2017, a star audition program in Myanmar. At that time, the audition program had about 70% of audience ratings in Myanmar.

Starplay.Inc’s CEO Ho-gi Yoon commented:

“The agreement with VTV in the public broadcaster has widened the content market for STARPLAY.INC and we intend to strengthen the K-pop media business by leveraging a content platform that is about to be launched soon.”

As a result of the partnership, both the companies are planning to contribute to the growth of the global content business.

Ho Kien, director of VTV, said:

“I can see young people from all over Myanmar who follow the stage of a k-pop star. Through this agreement with STARPLAY.INC, we will learn K-pop’s contents and production technology in Korea. And we expect that VTV’s cultural contents production capability will be strengthened.”

About Starplay.Inc

Starplay.Inc is an entertainment company established in 2019. According to the company’s executives, Starplay aims to be a global content platform model that can spread the powerful media based on K-pop Star contents and K-pop Fandom in the whole world.

That’s why the company collaborates with Co.Gleammedia who runs StarPass. STARPASS is an idol-star voting platform that allows fans to advertise their stars themselves and see a variety of contents of their favorites. This platform is currently used by about 1 million fans from all corners of the world, including Vietnam. The Starpass app is provided by ROWEM Co., Ltd. and Gleamedia Co., Ltd. together and is available for Android and IOS.

STARPASS enables voting for SBS MTV THE SHOW, provides the fandom community in which fans can communicate themselves together.

At the moment, STARPLAY.INC is planning to expand its global content business and fandom service in the Southeast Asian market, with their new K-POP media platform, STARPLAY. Moreover, the company is getting ready to launch a new platform that collaborate with the STARPASS platform. STARPLAY aim that the platform provided the service for K-POP original contents subscribe, K-POP music program voting, artist’s mall service inside.

Recently, the company has signed a strategic partnership agreement with Incublock, a start-up incubation lab that specializes in technology and business support and accelerates innovative blockchain start-ups.

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