Startup Secret Santa Helps Blockchain and Fintech Projects To Win Over COVID Crisis

December 23rd, 2020 at 12:55 pm UTC · 3 min read

Startup Secret Santa, an event of a new format, connected 19 startups and 19 mentors from Fintech and Blockchain domains on Dec 9th and 10th. All startups were asked to share their “Christmas wish” in the event onboarding form and our team was putting all efforts to make those wishes come true with our participating mentors. The mentorship officially began and Startup Secret Santa will be releasing more updates in February with each startup’s and mentor’s story.

2020 was a difficult year for many projects and Startup Secret Santa was able to show how many of those are willing to break through any challenges to build a successful startup. We are thankful to everyone who joined us for the event and supported our team throughout the event organization.

Jeremy Mah, co-founder & CEO at NeuXP, said:

“It was a great experience to be part of this event. We are excited to be shortlisted and we certainly look forward to working with our mentor who will help us bring our startup to the next level.”

Edgar Herrador, founder of, commented:

“For Bayro the SSS event represents a lot, we learned interesting things. High-level mentors and investors were very helpful to startups. Many thanks to all SSS team for the excellent organization. We see Bayro growing long after participating in SSS.”

Vladimir Popov, Head of Product at GetId, said:

“It was a great pleasure to participate in Startup Secret Santa event. The idea to connect early-stage startups with valuable mentors and experts in a complete online environment is awesome! It gives amazing chances to improve, collaborate and get more so needed knowledge! Looking forward to start working with an aligned mentor. Thanks to all the organisers, it was really good.”


FAS Fintech Advisory Services, a consulting ecosystem that grows ideas into successful businesses in blockchain and fintech domains.

AvesLair, a seed-stage accelerator based in NYC transforms today’s most enigmatic technologies in the verticals AI, Blockchain, Cloud and Data Analytics (A.B.C.D).

Participating Startups

StockCard, NeuXP, Wikibank, Distributed Town, UBDI, SquareOne,, GREENCHIPS, Liridi,, collectID, MyAhmed, Bitcoin Beach, PlastiCoin, Ribbon Blockchain, Morpheus Labs, GetID, Fiscal Digital.

Participating Mentors

Henry Ngan, Francis Berwa, Sajib Azad, Anna Agu, Ivan Kaleja, Gabriel Zanko, Elena Obukhova, Gustavo Segovia, Henry Ngan, Igor Izraylevych, Charlie Oliver, Maria Stankevich, Lavina Ramkissoon, Gabriel Kurman, Marcin Majchrzak, Ricardo Vazquez, Luis Borja,  Karol Stępień, Roberto Conte, Gustavo Segovia, Gabriel Cardona, Vojtech Simetka, Angelica Valle Aguilera, David Riascos.

Partners and Supporters

IoV Labs, B4H, MakeAvent, AVA Labs, 10 Clouds.

Media Partners

CoinTelegraph, FantasticBeasts, SuperCryptoNews, CryptoNewsZ, Bitcoin Garden, Coindoo, Bitcoin Mexico, Bitcoin Insider, Blockchain News, Coinspeaker, BeInCrypto, Diario Bitcoin, U.TODAY.

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