STICPAY Introduces Cashback Program at Forex Brokers

Place/Date: London, England, United Kingdom - January 20th, 2021 at 1:08 pm UTC · 3 min read
Contact: Masha Beetroot, PR manager, Source: STICPAY

STICPAY Introduces Cashback Program at Forex Brokers

STICPAY, a London-based fintech company and e-wallet provider, introduces a new cashback program in collaboration with the firm’s merchant partners. As part of the program, STICPAY customers can earn back a share of their trading fees – up to $10 per lot for the EUR/USD pair – while using the services of partner foreign exchange (forex) and contract for difference (CFD) brokers.

With a growing number of broker partners participating in the program, the cashback gets credited directly into the customers’ STICPAY accounts in weekly or monthly settlements.

The rewards STICPAY customers can earn at each broker varies by their account type and trading activity as well as the service provider’s terms.

For these reasons, the firm created a simple calculator app so clients can see how much cashback they can earn at each service. Customers can also use the following table to check their broker’s rates as well as the requirements to participate.

How to Earn Cashback

For traders, it’s easy to participate in STICPAY’s cashback program.

As the first step, users have to log into their STICPAY accounts and head to the cashback program’s official website.

Once ready, customers can choose their broker and use a link provided by STICPAY for the signup.

Upon successful signup, the cashback customers earned at brokers will automatically get credited into their STICPAY accounts in either weekly or monthly settlements (based on each service provider’s terms).

STICPAY credits the cashback at 6:00 GMT every Monday for weekly and 6:00 GMT every first Monday of the month for monthly settlements.

Customers can withdraw the cashback they earned throughout the program anytime using one of the payment methods offered by STICPAY. Alternatively, they can hold, convert, or spend their balance at the company’s verified merchant partners.


Founded in 2018, STICPAY is a London-based fintech company that serves customers in over 190 countries with a global e-wallet service. With a Year-Over-Year (YoY) growth of 300%, STICPAY has a strong presence in Asia. Due to the firm’s partnerships with domestic financial institutions, STICPAY offers the option for customers in seven Asian countries to top-up and withdraw funds rapidly and cost-efficiently using the local bank wire service. While featuring advanced security and anti-fraud measures, the company recently redesigned its mobile apps for iOS and Android, allowing customers to enjoy the full STICPAY experience at the convenience of their smartphones. Along with eCommerce, the company considers the forex industry as one of its top markets for merchants.