Top 5 European Fintech Payment Companies to Watch in 2020

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Top 5 European Fintech Payment Companies to Watch in 2020
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Financial market shows a constant growth. Traditional payments are being replaced by FinTech innovations. Let’s find out what top European financial companies will define the outlook of the market in 2020.

The financial industry today is proliferating providing a reasonable alternative to banking systems and common payment methods. As a recent report shows, the fintech technology market will exhibit growth from $ 127.66 billion in 2018 to almost $ 310 billion in 2022, and the compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 24.8%. The results of the study are not surprising. Emerging Fintech businesses from around the world are offering unique and innovative payment methods that provide more efficiency compared to the traditional solutions that have been operating on the market for decades.

Europe is one of the pioneers in the technology revolution, as many companies are rapidly increasing the number of their users by providing their clients with unprecedented and operative mechanisms for their financial needs.

This article gives an outlook at the top European fintech organizations that will determine what the whole industry will be like in 2020. The analyzed business includes companies like TransferWise, Revolut, STICPAY, Monzo, and N26.


TransferWise started its operations in 2011 in London. Within the first 9 years in business, this fintech company has created an unprecedented clientele consisting of more than 5 million customers with over 5 million transactions processed monthly. It has not only simplified cross-border transactions due to a highly functional network but also created a payment without borders method, which is reachable for clients from around the globe.

One peculiar detail about TransferWise is that it is one of the few fintech companies that managed to make sustainable earnings, with an official net profit of $13 million in March 2019.

This company does not support cryptocurrency transfers. Both direct and indirect transactions are off-limits. However, clients can send money to their accounts supported by bank details from a platform that works with any cryptocurrency.


Revolut is one of the most popular European financial startups.

Through a simple but multi-functional mobile application, the firm offers its users a complete digital financial space where clients (among other functions) can manage funds, carry out money exchange operations and put their financial resources in stocks.

Today the company has around 6 million clients,  with 4.5 million of whom have joined within the last year. It also announces that 16,000 new accounts are established on a daily basis.

Revolut works with various cryptocurrencies. It takes a 1.5% commission on all cryptocurrency deals which go through the company’s app. Sharing cryptocurrencies is free for its registered users.

The clients of this British fintech firm are able to exchange 25 of company currency cards to one of the items in the following list: Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, Bitcoin Cash, and Litecoin.


The UK-based fintech firm STICPAY features an award-winning global e-wallet and payment service. It is a relatively new player in the fintech space, but the company is increasing its user base at an exponential rate.

With a YoY growth of 300% and availability in over 200 countries, STICPAY’s goal is to connect businesses with international users via an efficient payment network.

Company’s global network is available for both merchants and end-users, offering a wide variety of payment methods including MasterCard, Visa, UnionPay China, international bank wire, cryptocurrencies, and local bank transfers as well as an option to directly spend their e-wallet funds via the STIC Card.

There is language support for both European and Asian regions accompanied by currency wallets that allow users to save money on exchange rates.  STICPAY aims to fulfill the demands of the regions’ businesses and customers alike.

The company offers an in-line function of converting crypto-to-fiat and fiat-to-crypto. It provides support of more than 4 digital assets combined with over 29 fiat currencies. Conversion happens at the current exchange rates and customers face a reasonable commission for each transaction.


Monzo is a financial technology company based in England that offers innovative banking solutions for the residents of the UK and the States.

Get Earlier is one of their unique services, it provides clients with an opportunity to get payments from their jobs in advance. Today Monzo has over 3 million users, valuing the company at $ 2.56 billion.

It is one of Europe’s fintech firms that use the idea of “first implementing functions and then making profits later”, having made more than $ 60 million in losses for the fiscal year that ends in March 2019.

Monzo does not support cryptocurrency trading. Some clients have received notices mentioning that their accounts could be closed in case if they make crypto transactions.


N26 is a German neobank that gives its customers a chance to manage their payments through their mobile phones.

The clients are provided with a wide range of features with each customer plan giving an individual selection of benefits, such as for example a Mastercard debit card.

Today N26 has over 1 million users from the USA and several countries in Europe.

This company does not support cryptocurrency transfers.


Existing banking and payment systems that control the current market situation will face a growing problem that they will have to address in order to stay on top. Companies will have to foresee innovative technological updates, maintain their financial results, expand their client base and be compliant with the regulatory authorities.

At the same time, pioneers of the fintech field will increase their influence and develop continuously, relying on unique business models, flexibility, and a favorable position in the field of regulation and low overhead costs. The services provided by these companies penetrate and reshape the established financial systems such as real estate, banking,  and online payments.

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