QYKBAR Introduces the UBER of Alcohol Industry

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by Eugenia Kovaliova · 3 min read

The bar of the future: QYKBAR is to revolutionize the alcoholic beverages market with its very new decentralized platform.

In today’s busy world sometimes the only pleasure people look forward to is a nice cold beer at the end of the day or week. The global alcoholic beverages market has grown considerably over recent years and is projected to grow further in the next few years. QYKBAR is to capitalize on this opportunity by changing the way consumers purchase and organise their alcoholic beverages.

Consumers are often stuck between two extremes, drink at home for economical purposes or drink out for social purposes. It can be hard to do both at the same time due to the high prices of drinks in bars. People overpay up to 8 times the original cost of the item, when drinking in a restaurant or bar. There is no fair way to buy alcohol in bulk with the freedom to drink it at any bar of your choice.

QYKBAR’s platform is beneficial not only for the consumer, but also for bar merchants. It allows owners to manage their inventory and attract more customers with no middlemen needed. QYKBAR is looking to disrupt the alcohol industry with this revolutionary blockchain technology allowing users to manage their chosen drinks on a cloud through patented blockchain technology.

This will create the world’s first decentralized platform to trade and consume alcohol on the cloud by building a new bridge between consumers, distributors and suppliers. QYKBAR has already obtained partnerships with the world’s largest brewer ABInBev, who owns several of the most popular beers worldwide.

The QYK token is used to facilitate the transactions on the QYK platform, allowing it to become a decentralized alcohol trading and managing network driven by patented blockchain technology making the transactions safe and transparent.

Anyone interested in the QYKBAR project can take part in the QYKBAR token sale, the official start of which is set on February 15th, 2018. Users can access this sale through the QYKBAR website, where participants can receive fruitful bonuses for engaging in the referral program.

The QYK team has numerous years of experience in various sectors with a whopping 25 years of sales and marketing experience, 12 years in the alcohol industry and 15 years in the blockchain domain. The team has a well balanced mix of members to push this project forward.

QYKBAR’s team calles the new platform “the UBER of alcohol industry”, aiming to change the concept of how people order and pay for alcoholic drinks and to allow everyone consume at low and competitive prices.

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