How Student Coin Is Revolutionizing Crowdfunding Using Tokenization 

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How Student Coin Is Revolutionizing Crowdfunding Using Tokenization 
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Student Coin has designed an ecosystem that makes it easy for individuals, startups, and organizations to build and deploy tokens.

Blockchain technology has disrupted many aspects of our daily lives. Before, it was difficult to envision sending money without banks; this has changed as we can quickly scan a barcode containing a wallet address and send funds within minutes thanks to blockchain technology. 

Bitcoin led the way before the launch of Ethereum offered a smart contract network for developers to create novel financial products. In subsequent years, more blockchain platforms have been developed to solve problems in different industries. 

Crowdfunding: Growing Concept

Crowdfunding is a concept that became popular in the past decade due to its efficiency and ease in generating money for different purposes. Many startups and individuals turn to Crowdfund platforms to generate funds that would not be readily available from traditional financial institutions. 

To date, over $40 billion have been generated from crowdfunding initiatives globally. This shows the efficacy of using crowdfunding campaigns to generate funding. 

Problems of the Crowdfunding Sector

Despite the amount of money generated from Crowdfunding initiatives, the sector is not without its problems. Most crowdfunding platforms demand high fees for projects listed on their platforms. 

Some charge a flat fee, while others take a significant percentage of the total money generated from contributors. This causes a major constraint for startups and individuals looking for a particular sum to boost their products or initiatives. 

Crowdfunding platforms tend to have different rules about listing, and some don’t accept specific campaigns. This means that many are blacklisted and not given the opportunities to seek financial help for their products and services. 

Also, the problem of marketing is a significant problem with traditional crowdfunding platforms. It is estimated that about 30% of crowdfunding campaigns do not get funded. This means that individuals and startups have to employ marketing strategies and pay for advertisements to gain visibility. 

There is also no accountability with the funding, and in some cases, the crowdfunding campaign turns out to be a scam leaving investors empty-handed. Student Coin, a revolutionary blockchain project, is seeking to change all this using tokenization. 

Student Coin: a Solution to Existing Crowdfunding Problems

Student Coin has designed an ecosystem that makes it easy for individuals, startups, and organizations to build and deploy tokens. Since it is built on blockchain, anyone can develop their tokens without limiting factors common to traditional crowdfunding platforms. 

Creating a token is easy without any complex steps via the token launchpad called the STC terminal. Tokens created are also listed on a crypto exchange called STC Exchange that offers publicity for tokens. 

Once a token is created and listed on the STC Exchange, everyone who accesses the exchange can view the token and its details. The exchange also allows quick Crowdfunding as investors can purchase tokens offering individuals and startups the funds they need directly. 

The only requirement needed to build a token is to hold the STC token, which serves as the STC terminal gas. All tokens created are also referenced to the STC token, just like Ethereum tokens are referenced to Ether. 

 Student Coin is built on blockchain technology and offers a faster and transparent crowdfunding process for individuals and startups. Transactions are also secured, and investors skip the tedious process of traditional crowdfunding platforms. 

Invest in Student Coin ICO

Student Coin is currently in the ICO phase of its roadmap. The project has already raised $40 million in 70 days since the ICO launched in February. It is no surprise given that Student Coin has a presence in over 300 educational institutions globally. Its native token STC has generated hype given its multi-functionality use cases within the Student Coin ecosystem. 

Student Coin launched its mobile app on Android and IOS devices. The app quickly achieved 30,000 downloads within seven days of launch, and this further shows the current hype surrounding the Student Coin project. 

You can bag some STC tokens from the ICO launchpad and on exchanges, including Uniswap, Cointiger, and

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