Student Coin Tokenizing Blockchain Industry

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Student Coin Tokenizing Blockchain Industry
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Student Coin is the first crypto platform that allows users to design, create and manage personal, startup, NFT and DeFi tokens.

Blockchain technology has led to innovative concepts and transformed the financial sector and other aspects of global economies. One of the concepts that has become popular within the blockchain sector is tokenization.

Due to the unique nature of blockchain technology, ideas, physical assets, and projects can be tokenized and sold to investors who can buy the tokens to become stakeholders in the project. Tokenization typically requires a good knowledge of complex codes and technical know-how. 

Student Coin is the first crypto platform that allows users to design, create and manage personal, startup, NFT and DeFi tokens. The blockchain-based project has successfully built an ecosystem that allows anyone to deploy a token with minimal difficulties. 

Next-generation Blockchain Protocol

Student Coin is built on the combination of two blockchains, Ethereum, and Waves. The characteristics of the two blockchains ensure that Student Coin can offer unique features. For example, Ethereum blockchain provides features like staking and NFTs, while Waves allows the creation of custom blockchain necessary for tokenization. 

Users can create tokens via its first-of-its-kind STC Terminal. The STC Terminal allows anyone to develop tokens without extensive programming or coding knowledge. 

Users can create different types of tokens in the terminal, including personal, organizational, DeFi, and NFTs. This means that individuals, organizations, and enterprises can develop what fits their current idea within an innovative ecosystem. 

Student Coin stands out as tokens that can be created in the STC terminal and listed on the STC Exchange. The exchange supports all tokens created on the platform and allows creators to trade their tokens for fiat and crypto. 

Student Coin also has its native wallet that supports native STC tokens and popular crypto-assets like Bitcoin and Ethereum. The wallet dashboard also provides information on what is going on in the Student Coin ecosystem with detailed analytical data. 

Smart Marketing Token (First Tokenized Project on Student Coin)

The first token to be created using the Student Coin terminal is the Smart Marketing Token (SMT). Smart Marketing Token (SMT) is a unique project that wants to decentralize the existing marketing process via tokenization. 

Smart Marketing Token serves as the link between the marketing agency and clients that intend to engage its services. In addition, it will serve as the marketing platform for the Student Coin ecosystem and promote all projects launched from the STC terminal. 

All marketing services will be done at no initial costs and billed on a fixed fee (3%) generated from profits of ICO conducted on the STC exchange. In addition, SMT also serves as a governance token and provides hodlers with voting rights for the activities of the marketing platform. This means that hodlers can choose projects to promote and also make changes to the marketing agency. 

Smart Marketing Token has already launched its ICO, which began on August 2 on the STC Launchpad for investors to purchase the tokens. A total supply of 10,000,000 tokens have been issued, with 55% of the tokens allocated for the ICO. 

The ICO is divided into 100 phases, with each phase capped at $20,000. The value of the token increases by 1% for subsequent steps and the ICO is expected to conclude on October 31, 2021. ICO participants can buy SMT using their credit cards, Coinbase, or Metamask wallets on the launchpad.

More Developments on the Way

The launch of Smart Marketing Token is the first of many on the Student Coin ecosystem. The blockchain platform is set to launch the STC terminal for the public in October and launch the first traded tokens on the STC Exchange. 

Student Coin also intends to launch its highly anticipated STC App for iOS and Android devices before the end of 2021. To learn more about Student Coin visit the website.

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