Swapsicle Is Proud to Announce Its First Airdrop and Its Partnership with onXRP to Bring onAVAX to the Community!

June 29th, 2022 at 7:30 am UTC · 3 min read

Swapsicle Is Proud to Announce Its First Airdrop and Its Partnership with onXRP to Bring onAVAX to the Community!
Photo: Swapsicle

Swapsicle is thrilled to announce its first airdrop to loyal $POPs holders, which follows the decentralised exchange’s (DEX) official launch a couple of weeks ago on 31st May 2022.

Furthermore, following promising plans between onXRP, a modular ecosystem based on XRPL and Swapsicle, the developers are proud to today confirm the launch of the onAVAX cross-chain platform, a DEX within a DEX, that will include liquidity pools as well as farming and staking opportunities of $XRPs, $OXPs, $POPs and more across the XRPL and AVAX networks.

Both Swapsicle Co-Founder, Lee Erswell and onXRP Co-Founder, Kaj Leroy have commented upon their  strong business relationship which only further strengthened this partnership.

When asked his thoughts on the partnership, Lee stated:

“I’m extremely happy to be able to share the great news! Kaj and I have been long-time friends and it was only a matter of time to launch such a brilliant partnership, bringing the best of XRP and Swapsicle onto the AVAX blockchain. The airdrop and the launch of onAVAX are only the first of many utilities that Swapsicle intends to offer our community. I would also like to highlight that onXRP is the first project in history to create an XRP to AVAX bridge, and we can’t wait to show the community what else we have in store.”

Kaj, onXRP Co-Founder shared similar sentiments stating:

“As a community-driven project, we are honoured to work alongside Swapsicle, a cutting-edge DEX that prioritises its community as well. This partnership is exactly what the AVAX and XRP communities need. We are thrilled to be able to bring this to not only our community but also those looking to explore and enjoy the benefits of both ledgers. An XRP and AVAX bridge has been long overdue, but, it is here, it is going live, and it will only be upwards from here on.”

Using Ethereum virtual machine (EVM) based smart contracts, onAvax went live on 23rd June. Together through this strategic partnership, Swapsicle and onXRP will be able to create, reach and add value to the community and stakeholders of the XRP and AVAX blockchains.

About Swapsicle

Swapsicle is a “For you by you”, community-driven decentralised exchange on the Avalanche blockchain (but interoperable in future) that is looking to give back to retail investors by offering a transparent, fully-doxxed team and more utility than competitors.

They are on the journey to becoming a cross-chain DAO with a governance protocol and lending facility. They are post-launch and available for retail investors and project owners for listing.

About onXRP

onXRP is an all-encompassing ecosystem built by the XPUNKs with the purpose of making blockchain accessible for everyone. The focus is on UI and UX to make the customer journey as seamless as possible. It has a curated DEX, a curated NFT marketplace with KYC, a to-be-launched gaming platform including a 10-player multiplayer play-2-win/play-2-earn game, a professional content platform with 70+ articles, and a cross-chain bridge. The token $OXP serves as a utility token throughout the ecosystem.

onXRP works closely with the community to innovate around synergies, evolve and help where necessary. The ecosystem also functions as a go-to-market platform for crypto/NFT projects using their launchpad and the content platform as a great launch boost for new projects. Big players like Ripple, Cemtrex, and Multichain saw the potential and decided to partner with onXRP to create and accelerate value for all.