Sweat Economy Unveils ‘Minting Pause’ Feature to Drive Active Participation and Token Value

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Sweat Economy Unveils ‘Minting Pause’ Feature to Drive Active Participation and Token Value
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Sweat Economy is launching the “Minting Pause” feature to motivate users to be more physically active and engaged with the project by pausing token minting for idle users.

Sweat Economy, the company behind the popular health and fitness app Sweatcoin, has announced the launch of its revolutionary feature called “Minting Pause”. This feature aims to decrease the generation of SWEAT tokens by increasing user engagement.

This groundbreaking characteristic, set to be implemented in the coming weeks, seeks to motivate Sweat Economy users to be more physically active and committed to the project. It will pause the generation of free tokens for those users who haven’t opened the app for at least 60 days.

The Minting Pause Will Have an Impact on Sweat Economy’s Tokenomics

Sweat Economy stated that the Minting Pause “will use loss aversion to strengthen user engagement, reminding them that their movement has tangible value,” thereby encouraging greater physical activity.

By increasing the number of users committed to the project, Sweat Economy hopes to achieve higher monetization and generate more revenue to purchase additional tokens on the open market.

Oleg Fomenko, the co-founder of Sweat Economy, said:

“We’re thrilled to launch this feature as it allows us to further motivate people to walk more and improve our tokenomics by reducing supply and increasing demand for SWEAT tokens.”

The 60-day temporary minting pause has sparked considerable controversy on Sweat Economy’s social media platforms, to the extent that the project managers have indicated that the 60-day window may be reduced in the future. However, they did not provide further information on this matter.

Sweat Economy: The App that Pays You for Staying Active

Sweat Economy is a community-centric Web3 project that promotes a healthy lifestyle by encouraging people to move more.

Through their Sweatcoin app, you can earn SWAT tokens by engaging in physical activities. These tokens can be redeemed for products, digital services, or donated to charitable organizations.

To obtain SWAT tokens, users need to simply download the Sweat Wallet app and start engaging in physical activities such as walking or running.

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