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Swiss Watchmaker Chronoswiss Reveals Limited Edition Cryptocurrency Watches

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by Eugenia Kovaliova · 3 min read
Swiss Watchmaker Chronoswiss Reveals Limited Edition Cryptocurrency Watches
Photo: Chronoswiss

Inspired by cryptocurrencies, Swiss watchmaking company Chronoswiss has partnered with Tech Bureau Europe to present the world limited edition of watches.

Swiss watches are the most exquisite pieces of personal time keeping devices in the world. The high quality and attention to details has made these watches one of the most expensive and sought after in the world.

Swiss watch designs have always been about connecting centuries old timekeeping technology with the modern trends. Keeping this in mind, Chronoswiss, a watchmaking company that is steeped in the Swiss watch tradition, has recently announced their partnership with Tech Bureau Europe, a Japanese-based crypto financial services platform. The collaboration is aimed to release limited edition cryptocurrency inspired watches.

There will be a total of 5 different designs, each representing a different cryptocurrency and associated service: Bitcoin, NEM, Ethereum, Zaif, COMSA. The watches are manufactured according to the highest of Swiss watchmaking standards with each design limited to only 101 pieces.

Chronoswiss is a well established family owned watchmaking business. The company has already been manufacturing for three decades. Gerd Lang, the founder of Chronoswiss, was an experienced and well-trained watchmaker who had worked with the best of watchmaking companies before launching his own brand.

Chronoswiss’s commitment to provide the world with the best watches ever could be observed from the very start, when the company started operations during the Quartz Crisis. During that times, the Swiss businesses were taking a hard hit by quartz based watches offering cheaper and more precise time keeping devices as opposed to the mechanical movement ones. The company refused to bow down and continued producing mechanical watches of the highest quality.

In its bid to keep the highest of standards, Chronoswiss only makes around 7000 watches a year. Each piece has the best of materials and the highest of quality when producing. Already producing time keeping units in limited number, the limited edition of watches inspired by cryptocurrency will have even more care and love embedded in them.

The company has recently revealed the design and the expertise it has incorporated in each individual item. First of all, the watches will be manufactured totally by hand in the capital of Swiss watches: Lucerne.

Among the major features are: regulator with off-centred hours and seconds display, requiring extremely delicate and small parts to manufacture; Open Gear technology with skeleton look, enabling user to peer into the heart of the machine; a 3D design dial, with the logo of individual cryptocurrencies displayed in a miniature mosaic.

Moreover, the watches will be scratch resistant and hardened carbon coated, with solid stainless steel case. In addition, they will have sapphire glass back with respective cryptocurrency logo on gold plated rotor. Each watch will have individual limited number written by hand.

The limited edition crypto watches are available for Zaif users. Zaif is a Japanese based crypto exchange and only registered users will be able to participate in the auction. The auction will start on April 17 and continue till the April 27, 2018. Zaif users can place their bids during this time and after the auction ends, the highest bidders in each of the five categories will successfully acquire the master pieces.

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