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TriForce Announces Registry for Social Platform Raid Party and Gets 21K Sign ups in One Week

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by Eugenia Kovaliova · 3 min read
TriForce Announces Registry for Social Platform Raid Party and Gets 21K Sign ups in One Week
Photo: TriForce

Blockchain-based gaming TriForce has announced registry for social platform Raid Party, having reached 21,000 sign-ups in one week.

Blockchain-based gaming platforms are the next wave of innovation and community building in the online gaming industry. They offer users, influencers and experts a chance to make money through their contributions to the gaming platforms, while giving an opportunity to play the most popular games around.

Triforce is one of the leading names when it comes to Blockchain-based gaming platforms. It has recently announced a new app called “Raid party”, a social engagement platform that is dedicated to the gaming community’s needs. Within one week of unveiling, the new community has reached over 21,000 registrations, with new apps already being built on top of it.

TriForce is not just another online gaming startup, it is a concerted effort to connect gamers and developers. The TriForce team is already in contacts with several Indie Game Developers, and they have also signed up with the RAID and native FORCE platforms. TriForce is using partnerships like these to establish the narrative that it is the most adopted and and universally supported gaming platform.

The main objective of the TriForce Token is to enable developers to retain their players and thus develop more effective business models. TriForce ensures user participation by offering a unique reward program that can be adopted into other applications like the recently released Rai-party. Through a more engaging and rewarding experience, the tokens earned on the TriForce platform aren’t just bragging rights, they have some monetary value as well, thus lending credibility and room for future collaboration between gamers and developers.

TriForce has recently teamed up with, which is the largest game publisher in South America as an Indie developer incubator. Due to these new associations and partnerships, TriForce Tokens has real potential for real-world usage beyond the limitations of just being an in-gaming tradeable asset.

TriForce has also formed partnerships with recognizable names in the gaming industry including Danny Montaner, former champion of CS: GO, Faze Clan, former manager of the most popular gaming organization in the world, Vadim Bulatov, current Head of Social Marketing at and LDJ Capital Investor David Drake, not to mention its relationships with organizations like Busca Todo (Owners of and

Currently, the TriForce platform has successfully raised the first token sale and is now gearing up for another one in the near future. The previous token sale saw a total supply of 1.5 billion tokens with a soft cap of $500,000 and a hard cap of $20 million. The soft cap was successfully raised and tokens have already been distributed.

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