SyncFab Holds Rounds of Talks Worldwide, Showcases Platform in Asia

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SyncFab Holds Rounds of Talks Worldwide, Showcases Platform in Asia
CEO Jeremy Goodwin spoke on a panel on AI & Blockchain at the INNOTECH 2018 conference in Korea. Photo: SyncFab

The team that created world’s first peer-to-peer industrial marketplace for the manufacturing industry has become a participant of numerous significant blockchain events and presented the platform in Asia following the successful token sale .

SyncFab has solid experience in the manufacturing industry. This company was created in 2013 as an industry first online design-to-manufacture interactive supply chain ecosystem. SyncFab has significantly changed through years of dedicated work. However, the main idea of the project stays the same: manufacturing locally is best for the planet. And today SyncFab is a bright representative of the blockchain-based projects.

The pioneer in the sphere of peer-to-peer industrial marketplace customized for the multi-trillion dollar manufacturing industry has successfully completed private and public token sale last month. Lots of supporters have been attracted by the convenience of manufacturing process, cost reduction and high level of security. Recently SyncFab released infographic on the problems of the manufacturing problems that blockchain has solved and the list turned out to be amazing: from eliminating the third party to absolute transparency.

The team of SyncFab is deeply devoted to improving the communication between buyers and hardware manufactures: they have been using a little quiet time after the token sale to educate both suppliers and customers about the SyncFab ecosystem. The special emphasis was placed on hardware startups, research facilities, large companies, purchasing departments and engineering departments.

The geography of SyncFab’s latest activities is absolutely amazing. On the 6th of March SyncFab became a participant of the Bitcoin and Blockchain Conference in Bangkok. The team headed by the CEO of the company Jeremy Goodwin gave a presentation on the SyncFab’s solutions and described the future of the native MFG token.

Next day the SyncFab team moved to the Vietnam Blockchain Week to deliver a presentation on the role of blockchain in the manufacturing industry. The experts from the company also took active part I discussing the usage of blockchain in smart city development.

Next important event brought the SyncFab team to Japan. CEO Jeremy Goodwin discussed the influence of blockchain revolution on the manufacturing industry with the residents of the Startup Hub created by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.

On the 19th of April the team joined the Korea Innotech 2018 Blockchain Industry 4.0 conference. The invitation of the Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency combined with the opportunity to share experiences with the representatives of the country with the world’s highest robot workforce density inspired the team to take this journey.

The educational tour brought SyncFab to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The Asia-Pacific region has been investing a lot in smart factories – and the follow-up rise of the smart manufacturing market makes the SyncFab ecosystem a highly demanded service.

While one part of the SyncFab team was going around the world to raise the awareness of the platform, the other one has been working hard to improve the platform and support the clients. The developers released software updates and worked on integration with the Bancor Protocol. SyncFab also continues to develop its community: it is about to surpass the 40,000 participants’ mark.

The MFG token is already incorporated into the platform and is listed on COBINHOOD, CoinExchange and IDEX. Even though the SyncFab team has to work is on the tight schedule, it takes part in lots of other activities that help to create the network of supporters, such as sharing thoughts on the supply chain revolution with the US head of Fintech at Swisscom B2B or advocating blockchain and tokenized incentives to the Vice Mayor of the City of Berkeley, CA.. SyncFab is literally everywhere – both the decentralized platform itself and the people working on its development.

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