TabTrader and The Conference Exchanges will Hold a Trader Contest Together

Place/Date: Amsterdam - January 29th, 2020 at 6:57 pm UTC · 4 min read
Contact: The Conference Exchanges, Source: The Conference Exchanges

On March 6, 2020, TabTrader with the support of The Conference Exchanges will hold a Trading Competition. The competition will take place the day after the conference, which will be held in Amsterdam. Anyone can take part in the contest.

About The Conference Exchanges

The crypto industry today faces numerous problems that hinder development of the sector. Cryptocurrency trading platforms are in the foreground of it. Cryptocurrency cannot become part of a full-fledged ecosystem without trading platforms that provide an exchange of digital resources. But despite widespread use of cryptocurrencies and a variety of related services, crypto platforms can not provide users with the proper level of security and transparency. Exchanges can resort to dishonest methods of attracting traders and show fake volumes at a time when there is a real liquidity issue.

Regular hacks and security threats only scare off new participants and constrain the crypto industry growth. But crypto exchanges play one of the key roles and connect users with the crypto world, so they need to get rid of their problems, such as low liquidity, high fees, technological limitations, platforms scalability problems, and poor quality customer support. Exchanges need to expand their functionality to provide users with reliable and transparent services that will remove obstacles to further crypto sphere development.

Therefore, in order to solve the current issues of the crypto market, representatives of leading companies in the field will meet on March 5, 2020 in Amsterdam and discuss the most important issues that require their attention. The crypto conference differs from other events of this type and has a specific purpose for solving the most pressing issues.

The Conference Exchanges is a networking event dedicated to the future of crypto technologies. The event is aimed at creating a transparent and open crypto market for users around the world. Leading world crypto and blockchain experts were invited as speakers. The crypto conference brings together representatives of cryptocurrency exchanges, financial regulators, liquidity providers, traders, and market makers.

The following topics will be discussed at the conference:

  • Current problems of the crypto market and ways to solve them.
  • New ways to achieve profitability in the crypto industry.
  • Liquidity: real opportunities for crypto exchanges.
  • New markets for crypto project listings and exchange selection criteria.
  • Licensing by external regulators: opportunities and limitations.
  • Security issues and others.

At the conference, experts will discuss the main trends in the crypto market, talk about the advantages of decentralized exchanges over traditional centralized platforms, and other important problems that crypto exchanges users have to face.

The event is not held for the first time: the previous meetup was held in Singapore on November 14, 2019. The Conference Exchange returns to continue working together to create new rules that will change the crypto industry for the better. Registration for the event is already open and anyone can take part in creating a bright future for the crypto market.

Trading Competition

The day after the conference, the organizers will hold a special hackathon contest for traders. Every trader and representative of the crypto community, regardless of the level of training and the amount of knowledge, can take part in the competition and compete for the main prize.

Participants will use the TabTrader mobile trading terminal, which combines crypto exchanges and trading tools in a single convenient application. The crypto currency exchange choice does not matter. Traders can trade on any platform they like. TabTrader works with the largest crypto platforms, including Binance, BitMEX, and Bitstamp. Coinbase., Bitfinex, Huobi, and many others.

Trading Competition Terms and Conditions

Hackaton Timeline:

  • January 20. Announcement of the event.
  • January 25. Registration opens.
  • February 20. Registration closes.
  • February 20-25. The applications are processed.
  • February 26, 12:00am GMT. The competition starts.
  • March 6, 5:00pm GMT. The competition ends.
  • March 6. 6:00pm GMT. Results processed. Winners announced. Party/gathering/closing night .

Hackaton Rules:

  • Each participant has an account on crypto exchange with an official hackathon supporter status, with a balance of 10BTC (demo or real, the prize will be different).
  • Each participant need to use TabTrader App for the competition.
  • Each participant has to make at least 10 trades during the period of the competition.
  • The maximum allowed leverage is 3x.
  • Every open position must be closed on March 6, 5:00pm, 12:00 GMT. Top 10 account balances at that moment become winners.

We invite all crypto experts to join our community and take part in a two-day marathon from March 5 to 6, 2020 in Amsterdam, attending both events: The Conference Exchanges and a hackathon for traders.

To register for the Trading Competition, follow this link.

You can register for The Conference Exchanges here.

Do you want to be a speaker? Would you like to take part as a sponsor or partner? If you have any questions about cooperation, please contact us by e-mail: [email protected]