bitcoin developer

Launch of Digital Currency Initiative – Future Center of Bitcoin Development
April 23rd, 2015

Digital Currency Initiative launched by MIT attracts core bitcoin developers from all over the world.

ZapChain Interview with Peter Todd, Bitcoin Core Developer
February 4th, 2015

Peter Todd, one of bitcoin’s core developers. was interviewed by ZapChain in the episode 5 of the company’s Bitcoin Show.

The Pirate Bay Returns on February 1st, Will Share 100,000 in Bitcoins with Fans
January 27th, 2015

Infamous piracy web site The Pirate Bay taken offline by Swedish police rises from the ashes like a phoenix (and with a phoenix as a logo and a timer counting down to 1 February).

Gavin Andresen, Chief Scientist at Bitcoin Foundation, Answered Everyone on AMA Reddit
October 22nd, 2014

Gavin Andersen answered on a series of questions related to bitcoin at the Ask Me Anything session.

Bitstamp, One of the Largest Bitcoin Exchanges, Passed Audit
June 1st, 2014

UK-based bitcoin exchange Bitstamp has passed an audit run by BitcoinJ developer and former Google engineer Mike Hearn.