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Crypto news

‘Crypto Isn’t Bad, It Just Needs Some Evolution,’ Says JPMorgan’s Umar Farooq
February 8th, 2018

Head of blockchain initiatives at JP Morgan clarified his position on digital currencies while speaking at Yahoo Finance All Market Summit on Thursday.

Bitcoin Gaming Alternative HYPER Added to MMORPG Dragon Knights of Valeria
July 9th, 2015

HYPER has been fully integrated into the free market trading platform for in-game resources in MMO RPG Dragon Knights of Valeria.

Online Retailer Now Accepts Bitcoin in Over 100 Countries Worldwide
September 11th, 2014

US e-commerce company Overstock made its bitcoin payment option available in 170 countries across the globe.

Perianne Boring: Lawmakers Will Decide Bitcoin’s Fate Within a Year
July 24th, 2014

Perianne Boring, Chamber of Digital Commerce president, talks about her plans to change bitcoin’s perception in Washington.

Hacker Hijacks Storage Devices, Mines 500 Million Dogecoins
June 17th, 2014

The unidentified hacker made almost 500 million in dogecoin through network attached storage (NAS) systems.

New Coinbase Feature Allows its Merchants to Offer 25% Discounts on Bitcoin Purchases
June 14th, 2014

The San Francisco-based Coinbase is now offering its merchant partners a way to incentivize bitcoin payments with a new feature that will allow businesses to extend discounts of up to 25% to consumers.