Status and Etherisc selected as top two startups at the recently concluded Blockchain Startup Contest.

Decentralization Taking Shape On a New Platform For Dapps and Services
July 18th, 2019

If any technology seeks to be adopted and widely used, it must have firm foundations to stand on. Credits may well be the solid ground the industry’s many participants have been seeking for turning their developments into reality.

Kakao Makes Big Claims, Says its Klaytn Blockchain is 15x Faster than Ethereum
July 10th, 2019

Kakao stated that the Klaytn blockchain platform can process 300 transactions every second against Ethereum’s 20 transactions.

Contentos Joining Binance Chain to Explore the Content Blockchain Ecology in a Win-win Cooperation
June 17th, 2019

Contentos (COS) announced to join Binance Chain! New dApp “COS.tv” will also go live this week.

Joseph Lubin and Jimmy Song Engage in $500K Bet Over the Future of Dapps
May 15th, 2019

The two crypto Mavericks have finally sealed the terms of the bet. While Ethereum co-founder Joseph Lubin is hopeful on the future of DApps, hardcore Bitcoiner Jimmy Song remains highly critical about it.

NULS Wants to Make Blockchain Affordable with Its Chain Factory
September 12th, 2018

Chongqing-based startup NULS wants to revolutionize blockchain technology, making it affordable and accessible for even the smallest of enterprise.

Bytom’s Global Developer Competition Offers Chance to Win Two Million BTM Tokens
September 12th, 2018

Blockchain Protocol Bytom launches its Global Dev Competition for developers, aiming to improve the company’s sustainable open-source ecosystem.

EOS Block Producers Approve to Cut Costs for Onboarding New Users
September 9th, 2018

Block producers EOS New York has proposed cutting down on RAM required to open new accounts thereby cutting costs by 25%.

ClinTex CTi to Apply Blockchain Tech in Clinical Trials for Cheaper New Medicine
August 25th, 2018

Blockchain powered clinical trial management, ClinTex will implement its innovative Clinical Trials Intelligence to lower the costs of medicine.

Nebulas Rank Yellow Paper Goes Public Bringing Concept of the Blockchain Rank to the New Level
July 4th, 2018

The recent opening of Nebulas Rank key code has made this project one of the leaders in the sphere of value measurement for blockchain. The recently published yellow paper proves that Nebulas can go beyond itself: the new set of rank algorithms effectively resists manipulations, can work with smart contracts and extends to multi-dimensional vector.

Imagine a World Where Everyone Can Develop a DAPP
June 8th, 2018

Last month, under the headline of “the first entertainment public chain,” the XMax Blockchain Project entered the public view with an unprecedented investor line-up and a few unanswered questions.