MarketSquare – The De Facto Homepage of Web 3.0

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MarketSquare – The De Facto Homepage of Web 3.0
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MarketSquare is ARK’s newest product that will serve as the new homepage for the decentralized web. Let’s peek behind the curtain with this sneak preview and go into more details.

Leading blockchain company, has launched MarketSquare, a new product that is touted as the Web 3.0’s de-facto homepage. MarketSquare will act as the gateway to all things blockchain for anyone who is interested in accessing information about blockchain-related projects or who want to try out blockchain applications.

The blockchain industry has grown tremendously since its inception, with unprecedented levels of activity in the blockchain industry as decentralized applications (Dapps), blockchain projects, and businesses continue to launch for public usage over the last few years. A recent report by Deloitte demonstrated how far the space has come, with 26,000 new blockchain projects launched in 2016 alone.

DAppReview’s 2019 Dapp market report also stated that the transaction value on the on-chain network reached $23 billion in 2019, with the number of Dapps approaching 4,000. In 2019, there were new 1,955 Dapps added to the monitor. Yet, there are no platforms that act as the showcase for blockchain applications, projects, and businesses where community members can discover them.

As a result, many otherwise-good applications and products languish in the market with no user traction or uptake, while users themselves are left bewildered by the massive clutter of projects and communities, with no way to view them all easily in one place.

ARK’s MarketSquare aims to solve the problem of discoverability for blockchain applications, businesses, and projects. Blockchain enthusiasts and the community would be able to explore blockchain applications through this platform while also learning and interacting with them. MarketSquare is open to anyone from the blockchain industry and it aims to deliver a great user experience to increase the adoption of blockchain applications.

Users will be provided with advanced search options which will enable them to search through a wide range of categories, and following the ones that interest them the most.

To date, has completed two internal testings along with one closed alpha test of MarketSquare, garnering much positive feedback throughout and it is expected to make additional small changes to the platform based on that.

Many exciting features are yet to be rolled out by ARK for its new product, MarketSquare. A long list of features is in plans which include messaging, user badges, option to subscribe to various properties that are registered on MarketSquare, among many others. ARC expects to launch MarketSquare for the public in beta form by Q4 2020. The users from the blockchain community will also be able to sign up for the MarketSquare public beta test soon and it will be announced on ARK’s social media channels.

About ARK

ARK is an open-source blockchain project which aims to help everyone experience the power of blockchain regardless of their technical know-how. ARK aids everyone from individuals to huge corporations to social communities that seek to implement blockchain technology through unique yet simple technology stacks and tools.

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