IBM is embracing the blockchain using the technology behind Bitcoin to power smart contracts.

New Blockchain Center Backed by Microsoft and IBM Opens in New York City
January 11th, 2019

A long-lasting bearish trend that holds its grip over the crypto-market does not seem to scare away the technology major fans. Thus the NYC Economic Development Corp. backed by IBM and Microsoft is opening a new business centre devoted to the blockchain.

IBM Rolls Out Its First Quantum Computer, Crypto Industry to be Disrupted?
January 10th, 2019

This is the first quantum computer released by the tech giant that will be available for commercial use. Take a look at how the advent of quantum computers can pose a threat to the crypto industry.

LinkedIn Report Names “Blockchain Developer” the Top Emerging Job of 2018
December 15th, 2018

LinkedIn, a social network for finding business contacts and job opportunities, has published its annual Economic Graph, where it listed top-5 emerging jobs that develop at the quickest pace among the others.

Abu Dhabi Oil Giant Joins IBM to Apply Blockchain for Value Chain Management
December 10th, 2018

IBM joins hands with a state-owned Abu Dhabi Oil Giant, ADNOC. They aspire to implement blockchain for value chain management to boost operational efficiency while cutting on costs.

Ethereum Co-founder Vitalik Buterin Shows His Dissatisfaction With Enterprise Blockchain
November 27th, 2018

Buterin criticized the proprietary nature of enterprise blockchain solutions saying that they don’t provide 100 percent guarantees of things, especially in the real world.

Food Farm and Agriculture: Blockchain Projects You Might Not Even Know
November 26th, 2018

In this article, Sonal Mehta, a Content Lead at SoluLab, discusses how blockchain will benefit farming and what are the agriculture blockchain startups working on those benefits.

Microsoft Dethrones IBM as the Leading Blockchain-as-a-Service Platform, Researchers State
November 21st, 2018

At the battle for Blockchain Crown rolling out amidst global technical entreprises, ABI Research sorted things out, naming Microsoft as the best world’s blockchain-as-a-service platform.

IBM Teams Up with Columbia University to Further Push Blockchain Development
November 20th, 2018

The programs designed in the partnership will offer entrepreneurs and blockchain network founders access to expertise and resources they need to establish blockchain networks. 

Visa B2B Connect Joins IBM to Foster Blockchain Cross-border Payments
October 23rd, 2018

Visa’s distributed ledger platform, B2B Connect is integrating open-source blockchain code from the Hyperledger Fabric to provide clients with a groundbreaking payment network.

European Supermarket Giant Carrefour Joins IBM Food Trust Food Blockchain Project
October 9th, 2018

Carrefour will use the IBM Food Trust blockchain platform to expand its product range internationally while tracking more than 12,000 operational stores across 33 countries.