IBM Advances Watsonx AI and Data Platform with Exciting Updates

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IBM Advances Watsonx AI and Data Platform with Exciting Updates
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As IBM continues to evolve its platform, it reaffirms its commitment to supporting clients throughout the AI lifecycle.

IBM, a global leader in technology and innovation, has unveiled a series of enhancements to its Artificial Intelligence (AI) data science platform Watsonx. These updates, announced on September 7th, include a sneak peek at watsonx. governance, the upcoming launch of generative AI data services in, and the planned integration of foundation models across select software and infrastructure products.

According to the company’s press release, these innovations will be showcased at the TechXchange event in Las Vegas next week, offering developers and tech enthusiasts a chance to explore the new capabilities.

IBM to Introduce New AI Model with Text Prediction Capabilities

One of the highlights of the new advancements is the introduction of the “Granite” series models, set to debut later this month. These models, powered by the “Decoder” architecture, can predict the next word in a sequence. This ability opens up possibilities for tasks like summarization, content generation, and insight extraction in the world of natural language processing (NLP).

These AI models will be released in Q3 2023 and the company plans to unveil the data used for training the Granite series models and the procedures employed to filter and process this data before the official debut.

IBM is also extending support for generative AI models by making Meta’s Llama 2-chat 70 billion parameter model and the StarCoder LLM for code generation available on the IBM Cloud. The move aims to make AI more accessible to businesses, regardless of size.

The company initially introduced watsonx in May after its first attempt with an AI model failed. The company’s  CEO Arvind Krishna said the new platform has the  potential to make AI more affordable and accessible for businesses across the world.

The AI platform was designed to simplify the adaptation of AI models, even for those without extensive AI expertise. Dinesh Nirmal, the company’s senior vice president of products, said the firm is working with customers to help them scale AI in a trustworthy way.

“As a transformation partner, IBM has been collaborating with clients to help them scale AI in a trustworthy way – from helping to institute foundational elements of their data strategies to tuning models for their specific business use cases to helping them govern models beyond that,” Nirmal said.

IBM Granite AI Series Models to Compete WITH Chatgpt

IBM’s innovative Granite series models aim to compete with leading large language models like OpenAI’s GPT-4 and ChatGPT. While specific details are limited, these models are trained on high-quality enterprise data, catering to various domains, including finance.

In addition to the Granite series IBM is introducing  Tuning Studio in which allows users to fine-tune generative AI tools to suit their specific needs.

On the other hand,, a crucial component of IBM’s AI ecosystem, is set to simplify data interaction with a user-friendly chatbot-like interface. According to the press release, this will make data discovery, augmentation, visualization, and refinement more accessible. Moreover, will introduce a new vector database capability to support retrieval-augmented generation (RAG), enhancing the quality of AI-generated responses and paving the way for AI-powered enterprise solutions.

The company is also taking steps to ensure responsible AI development through a technical preview for governance This toolkit aims to protect customer privacy, detect model bias, and promote ethical AI practices. The launch of Intelligent Remediation next week will use generative AI models to streamline incident summaries and suggest efficient solutions.

As IBM continues to evolve its platform, it reaffirms its commitment to supporting clients throughout the AI lifecycle. Over 150 corporate customers, including industry leaders like Samsung and Citi, have embraced the platform, showcasing IBM’s dedication to making AI more accessible and impactful for businesses worldwide.

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