Coinbase Offers Interest of 1.25% on USDC Stablecoin
October 3rd, 2019

Coinbase announced the launch of USDC Rewards program, under which eligible US customers will be able to earn 1.25% APY rewards on every USD Coin they hold on the exchange.

After Visiting Switzerland, US Regulators Remain Worried About Facebook’s Libra
August 26th, 2019

Following a visit to Switzerland to meet with the country’s financial regulators, United States lawmakers are still concerned over Facebook’s proposed cryptocurrency project, Libra.

Zuckerberg Ready to Wait for ‘However Long It Takes’ to Get Libra Regulators Onboard
July 26th, 2019

Mark Zuckerberg has made it clear that Facebook will not launch its Libra crypto until all the regulators have been brought on board and every regulatory issue resolved satisfactorily.

TiedCoin: A Game Changer in the Stablecoin Market
July 4th, 2019

In this article we take a look at TiedCoin – a stablecoin fully collateralized by Euro and Yen coming from Japan with the promise of instant liquidity.

Bitfinex Has Relinquished a $100 Million of its Loan from Tether
July 3rd, 2019

Following the 2016 cyber attack on top cryptocurrency exchange – Bitfinex, that brought about its loss of $700 million Customer funds. The number one Asian crypto trading platform claims to have relinquished part of its loan from Tether.

Facebook Launching Libra Blockchain Testnet Backed by Libra Reserve Next Week
June 16th, 2019

Per the report, Facebook and dozens of its partners will unveil the Libra Association, which will be based out of Geneva, as the entity that will oversee the company’s Libra cryptocurrency project. During the event, the company is also expected to launch the testnet of its blockchain.

SIX Stock Exchange Set to Introduce a Swiss Franc-Pegged Stablecoin
May 23rd, 2019

SIX is going to create its own Swiss franc-pegged stablecoin that will help to facilitate transactions on the SIX Digital Exchange (SDX).

Andreessen Horowitz-Backed Basis Stablecoin to Shut Down with $133M in Debts
December 13th, 2018

Basis, a stablecoin project, that raised $133 million this April, is shutting down its operation and returning money to investors.

Freewallet is Listing New Stablecoins in a Time of Need
December 3rd, 2018

Today Freewallet is listing a group of new stablecoins, joining them with USDT and DAI on Multiwallet.

Japanese IT Giant GMO Joines Stablecoin Rush Launching a Yen-pegged Cryptocurrency in 2019
October 10th, 2018

Japanese IT firm GMO has confirmed that it plans to launch a stablecoin pegged to the Japanese Yen. This comes at a strategic time, where the stablecoin craze has never been bigger.