TeachMePlease, the First Project on Educational Blockchain Platform Disciplina, Launches Pre-ICO

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TeachMePlease, the First Project on Educational Blockchain Platform Disciplina, Launches Pre-ICO
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With TeachMePlease, people will be able to find educational programs they like from private tutors, schools, and institutions all over the world.

Today, learning is mainly associated with formal education at college or university. However, many people are starting to understand the importance of acquiring new knowledge throughout whole life. Lifelong learning helps us better understand today’s world, makes us more adaptable to current changes and offers more opportunities, thereby improving the quality of life.

“I’ve been predicting that by 2030 the largest company on the internet is going to be an education-based company that we haven’t heard of yet,” says Thomas Frey, the senior futurist at the DaVinci Institute.

TeachMePlease is a new blockchain project that wants “to motivate people towards a lifelong educational process, which is not limited by school or university education”. According to the startup, the project is expected to change the way educational records are stored and accessed, allowing efficient cooperation between academic institutions and their students.

The application of blockchain in the education sphere has been a subject of active debates within the last few years. There are already a number of projects that focus on creating a system for storing educational records in a public ledger. Sony has recently unveiled a digital platform for keeping educational data on a centralized ledger that is to be shared between major offline institutions.

Unlike current solutions, TeachMePlease wants to take a more general approach by uniting the records of big universities, small institutes, online educational platforms, and schools on its decentralized ledger system. The new service is based on the new blockchain platform Disciplina, which is built for different types of educational projects.

TeachMePlease combines the capabilities of blockchain technologies with the latest trends in the sectors of computer technologies and distributed systems. As far as technical details, its architecture divides the blockchain into the public and private parts. Each educational institution on the platform will use its own private chain, while the blocks will be verified by witnesses – special entities within the blockchain network. The witnesses generate the public ledger and agree on the validity of transactions using the specified consensus rules.

By using the service, students will be able to select the classes depending on their needs, manage their educational process with a smart calendar service, and communicate with other students and teachers. Meantime, educational institutions will be offered an access to course creation tools, pricing, access to academic history of students, and assignment of teachers to particular courses. Started in 2016, the project has already integrated more than 20,000 courses into its platform.

Currently, the company is running a pre-sale that will be followed by the main ICO in Q1 of 2018. The contributions are accepted in BTC and ETH at a token rate of  0.0005 ETH. According to the crowdsale terms, most of the money raised will be spent on marketing purposes, while the remaining funds will go on further project development, sales, legal services, and reserve fund. The launch of the project is planned for July, 2018.

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