Telegram Sensational Game Hamster Kombat Hits 200M User Milestone

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Telegram Sensational Game Hamster Kombat Hits 200M User Milestone
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Hamster Kombat, a game based on Telegram and TON, has achieved a remarkable milestone of 200 million users within three months of its launch.

Barely three weeks after announcing and celebrating 100 million users, the crypto-powered pet battle game Hamster Kombat has hit a milestone of 200 million users. The Telegram-based crypto game is gaining traction and has seen a surge in interest particularly in different developing countries.

Noteworthy, the Hamster Kombat game was launched only three months ago, making the game one of the apps to reach such a level in a short time.

200 Million Users And HMSTR Token Launch

Hamster Kombat is a game that allows players to take the role of CEOs of a cryptocurrency exchange. Players tap to get points which would later be used as currency to grow the empire or crypto exchange. Its meteoric rise is a reflection of its appeal to many enthusiasts. It also signifies a new level of mainstream adoption for Play-to-Earn (P2E) games within the Telegram messaging platform.

On June 6, the crypto-powered pet battle game built on the TON blockchain, took to X to share that it now boasts a user base of over 100 million individuals. Its latest milestone of 200 million users is a sizable share of the 900 million overall Telegram users.

The game’s growth is applaudable and could partly be attributed to its listings on different exchanges. Notably, the HMSTR token is reportedly on KuCoin Pre-market with trading planned for June 25. Hamster Kombat is equally available for pre-market trading on with a total supply of 10 billion tokens. Similarly, HMSTR has also made its way to the Bitget exchange.

The protocol is getting ready for the launch of the Hamster Kombat token which is scheduled for airdropping in July. In the meantime, it is not yet clear how much tokens each eligible participant will be allowed to claim during the Token Generation Event (TGE). However, the team behind the game earlier wrote on X that the token allocations will not be solely based on the number of coins that a user accumulates before the deadline.

Rather, it would depend on the profit per hour and some other activity parameters that would be revealed in the near future. For emphasis, on June 18, they also noted “profit per hour over coin balance,” in another X post.

Iran Government Shares Concerns About Hamster Kombat Game

Meanwhile, the Iranian government is displeased by the popularity that the project is garnering in its region.

According to the Associated Press, members of the government perceive the game as an undue Western influence especially with the country currently struggling with high inflation, few jobs, and Western sanctions. Iran’s deputy military chief Rear Adm Habibollah Sayyari clearly stated that “One of the features of the soft war by the enemy is the ‘Hamster’ game.

The game is seen as a distraction to Iranians from the presidential election so that they will not “pay attention to plans of presidential candidates.”

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