Tesla (TSLA) Stock Down 1.35% in Pre-market after Showing Strong Bullish Runs

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Tesla (TSLA) Stock Down 1.35% in Pre-market after Showing Strong Bullish Runs
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Tesla stock is one of the most widely-discussed stocks this year with about 400% growth. With TSLA’s current pullback, the stock performance still amazes analysts.

The shares of electric auto sensation Tesla Inc (NASDAQ: TSLA) has retraced back by over 1% giving up an earlier gain of nearly 4% that pushed the shares to a new all-time high. With recent coasting towards the moon, the pull back the stock is experiencing has stirred unbelievably as Wedbush analyst Dan Ives revised his share target for the stock from $2,500 to $3,500. 

“Pent-up demand in the China EV [electric vehicle] market for Model 3’s and recent price cuts are creating a ‘perfect storm of demand’ for Tesla. We believe that the China growth story is worth at least $400 per share in a bull case to Tesla as this EV penetration is set to ramp significantly over the next 12 to 18 months, along with major battery innovations coming out of Giga 3,” Ives told clients in a note dated Sunday. Giga 3 is Tesla’s third Gigafactory 3, based in Shanghai China.

“With the China growth story, Tesla could now have $35+ of earnings power by 2025/2026 versus our prior estimate of $20-$25 and thus we are now increasing our bull case target to $3,500 versus our prior $2,500 to reflect this dynamic,” Ives added, buttressing his earlier point.

The Motley Fool believes that the ‘bull case’ scenario Ives cited for Tesla (TSLA) stock must have contributed to its current reversal. With a reported decline in Tesla cars from the Shanghai Giga Factory in July, the price target hinged on increasing demand for Tesla’s products seems false, a reality that seems to be glaring to investors.

Tesla (TSLA) has gained over 40% this month and has outperformed its ambitious self, currently trading at $2,010 after losing 0.21% after hours of trading.

Now TSLA Stock Down 1% but Analysts Can’t Explain the Growth

Tesla stock is arguably the best performing stock this year with about 400% growth. With TSLA ‘s 1% current stock pullback, the stock performance still amazes analysts who believe despite this pullback, the stock will come back for a new bull run.

“I really can’t explain Tesla,” Joel Greenblatt, co-CIO at Gotham Asset Management told CNBC on Monday. He added, “I think there’s a lot of speculation in the market and I think some of it’s there. I really can’t explain it.”

The growth of Tesla comes at the backdrop of dynamic innovations including the development of car software. But more recently, much of the surge appears to have been fueled by the company announcing a 5-for-1 stock split. Tesla closed at $1,374.39 on Aug. 11 — the day it made the announcement — but now trades around $2,105, for a gain of 53% in less than two weeks. This is despite the fact that stock splits are purely cosmetic, meaning the company’s underlying fundamentals remain unchanged. as well as expectations of increased car deliveries in the coming months.

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