Thaler.One Is Changing the Real Estate Market with the Property-Backed Stable Coin

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Thaler.One Is Changing the Real Estate Market with the Property-Backed Stable Coin

The careful consideration of legalization issues while tokenizing traditional assets may create a cryptocurrency distinguished by exceptional stability.

Real estate market is enormous: the estimate value of the property market is $220 trillion. It can also be characterized by low volatility. All in all, the real estate sphere can claim to possess the features the cryptocurrency market lacks. But can the combination of these spheres become a success?

Thaler.One is a decentralized investment fund which has set an ambitious goal: to create a real estate marketplace powered by the cryptocurrency Thaler. It may make a big contribution to the crypto society as it is supposed to become the first stable coin. The expectations of Thaler.One are ambitious: the projects plans to operate worldwide and attract millions of private investors. The target is high: to manage $5 billion assets by 2021.

The real estate market can bring stability to Thaler just by its nature. However, the team has worked hard to ensure the low volatility of the new coin. As distinct from the popular cryptocurrencies, Thaler is supposed to get closer to the nature of traditional currencies. The stability of the coin is to be backed by various property assets.

The creators of Thaler believe that this coin is to become the main cryptocurrency in the real estate market. Bearing in mind the volume of the market, that may ensure the top position of the new cryptocurrency.

The important issue is the concern of legalizing the coin. Thaler will get a strong background as it is developed in compliance with EU laws. The coin is also expected to pass the Securities and Exchange Commission registration. Such attention to the regulations makes a strong point for Thaler.

Founder and CEO of Thaler.One Will Andrich said:

“With high volatility in the cryptocurrency market, the growing importance of diversification, pressure on cross-border investments, high transaction costs and the lack of liquidity, the time is ripe for an overhaul of existing standards for digital transactions in the industry. By tokenizing traditional real estate assets – historically, less volatile than cryptocurrencies and gold – Thaler.One plans to open the international property market to wider range of private investors and provide these investors with a way to diversify and rebalance portfolios, without having to leave the cryptocurrency ecosystem.”

The project is aiming at getting into several branches of the real estate market: the initial priorities are co-work, co-live and healthcare-related property. The geography of the project will start with the focus on the property in the EU and the UK, further development is expected.

Thaler.One is now in the process of the private sale. The project is looking for the $3 million investment from the number of limited partners. The presale is to come live in the early April, 2018. Hard cap for the presale is $50 million. The early supporters will be rewarded for the belief in Thaler.One: during the first $5 million sale the discount is 7%, next $10 million will bring the investors 5% bonus.

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