The European Web3 Summit Brussels the Summit where Web3 meets EU policymakers and Web2 businesses

May 5th, 2023 at 8:23 pm UTC · 3 min read

the Summit where Web3 meets EU policymakers and Web2 businesses

We are extremely pleased to announce the inaugural edition of the European Web3 Summit, a new premiere platform to shape and debate the future of Web3 in Europe.

This invitation-only event will take place on 23-24 May at Bibliotheque Solvay, Brussels, bringing together EU and member state officials, Web2 & Web3 industry leaders, as well as civil society groups to foster a trusted multistakeholder dialogue on creating a sustainable environment for Web3 in Europe.

The EW3S is a meta-platform coordinated by blockchain-related NGOs to facilitate open dialogue between Web3 and policymakers in Europe to help innovations flourish.

The conference will seek input from all sectors on the most pressing issues currently faced by the EU, including regulating the future of Web3, adopting blockchain-based solutions, transitioning from a Web2 to a Web3 economy, and the benefits and risks of Web3 tech to foster prosperous societies.

Here’s what to expect:

  • 14 interactive discussions in various formats with Web3 industry leaders and policymakers addressing a wide range of Web3 topics: MiCA, Blockchain, DeFi, Best World Regulatory Practices, Digital Payments,  Sustainability & Web3, Metaverse, Digital Identity,  Investments in Web3, etc;
  • Over 20 high-profile speakers, representing EU institutions, EU member states, businesses, civil society, and media, and more than 50 panelists from leading Web3 businesses;
  • 150 guests from the Web3 industry, NGOs and associations, Investment funds, wealth management companies, and bank federations;
  • Live stream;
  • Networking opportunity.

The EW3S 2023 is organized by the Institute for Global Transformation and the Institute of Cognitive Modeling in Brussels, Belgium, in partnership with Blockchain for Europe.

Viktor Berezenko, founder of the Institute for Global Transformation, says:

“Mass implementation of information and blockchain technologies in all life spheres of European society has shown that partnership and cooperation are the future. We see this in the financial sector, in everyday life, social communications, and business. Now it’s time for regulators, representatives of the Web3 industry, and the media to forget about rivalry and explore opportunities of working together for the future of Europe. I believe that the key stakeholders can and should cooperate, and the European Web3 Summit 2023 is exactly the platform for such cooperation.”

We are on a mission to transform markets and the public sector in Europe through the introduction of Web3 technologies, the presentation of industry leaders, and the connection of those leaders with EU regulators, public opinion leaders, businesses, high-profile media, and Non-Governmental Organizations.

For more information about the EW3S and to apply for participation, click here.

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European Web3 Summit

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