The Mobile Trend: Bytecoin Presents the Android Wallet

December 20th, 2018 at 8:31 pm UTC · 2 min read

Along with the mobile wallet, the Web wallet, Bytecoin Money, has also undergone significant improvements.

The Bytecoin mobile wallet was released as an alternative to the desktop wallet, in order to ease access for those users who want to keep BCN closeby, as it doesn’t require synchronization to the blockchain. Additionally, the BCN mobile wallet for Android has significant differences with the desktop wallet, as two different approaches were taken to adhere to the different interests of each respective group of users.

Some features that the Bytecoin wallet includes are managing up to 10 addresses per account, exchanging BTC to BCN and ETH to BCN, multi-language support which includes English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Turkish, as well as a 2FA option to keep accounts secured.

The Bytecoin Web wallet, Bytecoin Money, has also undergone several enhancements, including a new design, code improvements, and multi-language support, in order to follow the localization trend. The team anticipates positive feedback on multi-language translation, as it simplifies usage for those whose first language is not English.

While the Android application could earlier be found on the Bytecoin website, the official release of the app to Play Store lends validity to the project, as now all users of the most popular mobile OS are able to take advantage of a lightweight wallet directly from the official application store.

The Bytecoin project continues to follow their roadmap, which was released on November 15, according to which there are more technical updates are coming, including HD wallet and auditable wallet releases, early support for hardware wallets, and the planned consensus update.


Jenny Goldberg, official community manager

[email protected]