The Multi-DLT Platform, ATROMG8’s Token, ATROM Gets Listed on the Global Crypto Exchange, P2PB2B

April 14th, 2020 at 1:26 pm UTC · 3 min read

The Multi-DLT Platform, ATROMG8’s Token, ATROM Gets Listed on the Global Crypto Exchange, P2PB2B

It is with great rapture that ATROMG8 announces that its 5.0 MixNet Superstructure- backed token, ATROM has now gone live on the renowned crypto exchange platform P2PB2B. The token got listed on the exchange promptly on  April 16, 2020, as slated.

P2PB2B is an EU-licenced crypto exchange that ranks among top 10 on CMC by trade volume. It serves the crypto space through multiple active markets and currency pairs, including both fiat and crypto. The platform is among the fastest growing exchanges in the world with its easy and convenient trading model facilitated by an integrated payment system.

ATROMG8 is a service to society platform built around the idea of a global digital transformation identified with secure and decentralized operations. Through its relentless innovations in the field of data privacy and security, ATROMG8 has developed as an effective connecting channel among numerous individuals and organizations with utmost protection to their metadata that form the base for data compromise.

The ATROMG8 ecosystem allows its users to manage who gets an insight into their data while constantly making them aware about the safe digital operations pertaining to the modern tech-based environment.

The ATROMG8 platform has multiple projects to its hat including its very own digital messenger and transaction gateway service, aimed at creating a versatile communication network run solely on terms of security, speed and data protection; the International Digital Student Pass, IDSP, that aims to ease and support the lives of foreign, exchange, as well as national students and faculty in achieving their academic as well as financial goals.

ATROMG8 further holds partnership in the project CHAINSAT, aimed at launching the world’s first enterprise blockchain satellite intended to establish an enterprise blockchain ledger that can enable a secure transactional network for next-generation financial & IoT systems.

ATROM token is a versatile token to be utilised for accessing and benefitting from the services being conveyed over the ATROMG8 application. The system has been developed on the basis of a 5.0 Superstructure technology that employs an intelligent reward system for node operators and participants.

The ATROM Network software is operable from any electronic gadget and from any corner of the world. To access the token and voucher of ATROMG8, one needs to just install the core application, i.e. ATROMG8 (Atrom Gate).

Simultaneously, the platform is benefitting the planet by dedicating 10% of its transaction fees to environmental and humanitarian conservation projects.

The ATROMG8 ecosystem is led by a group of experts including Herbert Sterchi, the former COO of Thomson Reuters and the pioneer of Ethereum development in Switzerland, who currently sits as the President on the board at ATROMG8; Jorge Sebastiao, CTO Ecosystem of an Asian Technology Giant and cybersecurity expert; Andrei Pereira, the digital marketing specialist of Latin America; William Nonnis, a full stack developer from the Ministry of Defense in Italy; and numerous others working diligently towards the collective goal.



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