The Trading Secret of kela-leo: Profit is Important, Lower Risk is More Important!

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The Trading Secret of kela-leo: Profit is Important, Lower Risk is More Important!
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kela-leo is a Chinese Popular Investor who was featured on ‘Editor’s Choice’. Here is an interview we held with him.

eToro: Tell us a little bit about yourself.
kela-leo: My name is Lingxia Cao, I am 31 years old. I have 2 babies and a wonderful wife. They all support me to trade on eToro.

eToro: Did you have previous experience with financial investments before joining eToro?
kela-leo: Yes, in the past I had experience in investing options in Manhattan, America. I started to deal in currency futures from 2007, but at that time China didn’t have currency margin trading yet.

eToro: What is your type of trading strategy?
kela-leo: My trading model prefers value investment to judge according to the analysis of economic fundamentals and policy, and thus, I combine some tools like price status to set positions. Middle-long term investments are the main ratio. The risk management of each trade is what I pay attention to.

eToro: What is it focused on?
kela-leo: Product, strategy, and risk management are the three units that I use to find suitable objects and set stop loss/profit during the trading. The products I trade in are extensive and include GBP, USD, Gold and some other commodities. Gold is my favorite to disperse risk.

eToro: What are the benefits of being a Popular Investor?
kela-leo: For me, if I can share good products with professional investors, finalise resource sharing, and become recognised by other investors, then this is the most valuable asset, and also my power to be a popular investor.

eToro: What is your long-term goal?
kela-leo: To summarise in one sentence: to gain as much profit as possible based on the lowest risk. For the long term, I wish to control my risk score below 4, and maintain more than a 20% yearly profit. I personally prefer long-term stable strategy.

eToro: Do you have any advice for your copiers/users considering copying you?
kela-leo: I hope everyone can have a stable investment period. I have calculated the data of who follows and who stops following me, and some of them only copy me for a short time, for one or two days. This is a high risk, because the market changes every day, and you cannot see a reasonable return in one or two days. The best investment period is one year, at least three months. I suggest investing more than $500.

eToro: What are your hobbies?
kela-leo: In daily life, the thing I like most is reading. Besides that, I will try mountaineering, sailing and other outdoor sports. But I don’t like difficult sports like surfing.

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