ThinkCoin Positioned for Blockchain-based Financial Services Makeover

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ThinkCoin Positioned for Blockchain-based Financial Services Makeover
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ThinkCoin, the digital trading token that underpins the TradeConnect network, translates revolutionizing vision for trading believed to enable all parties enjoy equal rights.

Over the past decade, the financial services industry has reinvented itself in order to meet the management demands of blockchain technology, ICO offerings, and a plethora of existing cryptocurrency options. It is a time of excitement and opportunity for financial investors and for innovators alike, and new, creative ways to quantify and manage wealth are popping up everywhere.

One such opportunity is offered by the shockingly successful ThinkCoin token, currently in pre-sale, with a scheduled ICO launch on June 2018. In pursuit of developing TradeConnect, which they refer to as “a bold and disruptive vision for trading that will enable all parties to trade on an equal basis, made possible by blockchain technology and the distributed ledger,” ThinkCoin is a conduit for a truly innovative multi-asset trading vision.

The TradeConnect goal is to optimize blockchain technology as they simplify trading in the cryptocurrency space while simultaneously increasing trading functionality – a pretty solid business plan.

Current ThinkCoin Events

Most recently, ThinkCoin made the news by partnering with 0Chain. California-based OChain offers free blockchain DApp support for any chain, allowing offchain code and data to merge with and utilize their decentralized, cloud-based storage platform, thus enabling faster transactions, limitless execution of smart contracts, and innovative chain parameters through their self-forking concept.

0Chain is practically a perfect partner for ThinkCoin’s TradeConnect, with goals so similar it seems like they were made for each other. The TradeConnect vision, to create a worldwide seamless and user-friendly peer-to-peer trading network, will benefit from 0Chain’s goal of lightning fast transaction speeds as well as their free, integrated DApp storage solutions.

An ongoing challenge plaguing blockchain based currencies is lack of interoperability with traditional financial markets. 0Chain’s high frequency chain transaction capabilities on their decentralized cloud bring TradeConnect one step closer to achieving that reality.

ThinkCoin Director and Co-Founder Faizan Anees states:

‎“Collaborating ‎with 0chain is a great honor and solid proof that our efforts ‎are recognized by the ‎blockchain community. We look forward to exploring ‎the full spectrum of 0Chain ‎protocols to make TradeConnect a ‎robust and reliable blockchain-based ‎trading network.”‎

Upcoming ThinkCoin Events

ThinkCoin also has the unique opportunty to participate in TokenMatch, an exclusive, invitation only event happening this Friday, May 18, 2018 in New York. The fact that it is being held this week in New York, directly alongside bitcoin super-conference Consensus 2018 makes this even more exciting.

TokenMatch has invited select ICOs to present their ideas in a closed environment alongside other reputable cryptocurrency-based entrepreneur contemporaries. The investor audience will consist of equally select, carefully vetted investors, who are ready to quickly fund top companies offering new and well positioned ideas.

At TokenMatch, competing ICOs will have the opportunity to pitch to one of four small and distinct investor groups in a closed-session private environment designed specifically for quick, accurate information distribution. The investor group, each ICO presents to, is dependant on their need and target audience. These investors include digital currency funds, traditional venture capitalists and private hedge funds, family offices, and private angel groups/individual token investors.

While the chronological proximity to Consensus is definitely a draw for TokenMatch, even more exciting is its exclusivity. The first quarter of 2018 has seen $6.3 billion raised in ICOs, 118% of the total for all of 2017.

With the market so flooded by ICOs, it is easy to get caught up in the hype of each funding opportunity. It is equally difficult to distinguish legitimate, solid business plans from more haphhazard ICOs. TokenMatch does the vetting on both sides – both for the investor and the ICO looking to fund their valid and valuable contribution to the cryptocurrency world.

ThinkCoin’s fresh take on secure trading, whether it is commodities, shares, forex, or of course, cryptocurrency, is validated by the overwhelming response to participation in their online communities. With a positive and growing presence on social nets, ThinkCoin supports their commitment to the user experience and via fee transparency, direct trading, and cutting edge technology, encouraging participants to keep an eye on this opportunity.

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