This is How XRP Could Surge by 2000% and Hit $692 in 2019

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This is How XRP Could Surge by 2000% and Hit $692 in 2019
Photo: Shutterstock suggests that one day, XRP may surge by 2,000 percent and reach $692.30 per coin. However, this kind of crazy theory is possible in only one case. Which one? Find out below.

Everyone still remembers the bearish tendencies that took place in 2018. However, difficulties at the crypto market did not undermine the belief in digital currencies. Not only Bitcoin, but also XRP has been discussed a lot, and recently, the crypto community started making predictions about its future price, and some of the assumptions are very big and even crazy.

An interesting theory has been published on They have suggested that one day, XRP may surge by 2,000 percent and reach $692.30 per coin, which means that its market cap would make up $27 trillion (and this when all the mined gold on Earth is worth $7.8 trillion).

According to UToday, such a surge is possible in just one case: if Ripple is chosen for all cross-border payments made by all financial institutions. The article explains:

“The daily value of all cross-border transactions around the world is $9.8 trillion, while $27 trillion is stored in cross-border transnational accounts.”

The assumption is too good to be true. However, there is another prediction, more realistic. believes that XRP could hit $20 by the end of 2019. As they explained, Ripple enables international payments, and due to this fact, such a price is possible.

However, taking into consideration that there are 41 billion XRP in circulation, this theory is also unlikely to come true. But who knows, what events are to take place on the market this year. All we have to do is wait.

Ripple Moves 1 Billion XRP From Escrow

Recently, Ripple unlocked a massive amount of XRP from one of its escrow wallets and sent them to a separate unknown wallet. The $1 billion XRP transfer is worth about $302 million, with a 0.000012 XRP fee, and it took only a few seconds to complete the transaction.

Currently, Ripple has about 60% of the total supply of XRP at its disposal, with most of the XRP locked in escrow. The coins are regularly sold to institutions, crypto exchanges and other interested parties. Last year, the company sold a record-breaking amount of XRP, reaching about $535 million.

The Number of XRP Users is Constantly Increasing

The policy of Ripple is aimed not only at satisfying needs of their customers but also at constant expanding and gaining the trust of new customers. In January 2019, Ripple signed up 13 new companies, among which are Euro Exim Bank, JNFX, SendFriend, Transpaygo, FTCS, Ahli Bank of Kuwait, BFC, ConnectPay, Bahrain, WorldCom Finance, Pontual/USEND, Olympia Trust Company, and Rendimento. Scoring 200 consumers worldwide, Ripple achieved its new milestone.

One of Ripple’s foremost partners is Mercury fx. The company surprised XRP supporters, stating that the Ripple’s technology had been used successfully and enabled the company to move massive amounts of capital. The amount was valued at £3,521.67 which in US dollar terms is equal to around $4552.

Recently, another good news came from Ripple. Crypto payment processor CoinGate announced it would support XRP payments for merchants. Now, customers are able to use the second largest digital currency by volume as a means of payment at more than 4,500 shops online.

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