Toilet Paper Calculator Collects Traffic from COVID-19 Hoarders

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Toilet Paper Calculator Collects Traffic from COVID-19 Hoarders
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Toilet Paper Calculator websites flourish, while the supply chains barely digest increased demand. Want to calculate how much paper you need for the quarantine? You have a couple of websites for that and a ton of companies ready to provide the stock.

A new tool, a toilet paper calculator, will help you to understand how good is your savings policy. Just drop in some of your data like sheets per wipe, etc., the amount of so precious toilet paper in possession, and see the data. Cryptocurrency analysts wish Bitcoin price charts were that easy to analyze. attracts traffic using toilet paper panic.

People in the U.S. sometimes use SUVs to load a ton of paper near the supermarket and deliver it to their houses. Two friends from Great Britain – software developer Ben Sassoon and artist Sam Harris – have decided to create an unusual toilet paper calculator. It will provide people with precise stats and definitions. For instance, you can enter the number of sheets per wipe, the number of wipes per trip, and so on. The site offers an Advanced Options tool making the prediction unbearably correct.

Per the website’s stats, two million people already checked their supply. As CNN reportsthe average person has 500% more of the toilet paper than the quarantine would require. The inner target of the website is not to collect traffic. The creators claim they just want to stop the massive toilet paper buy offs.

Germans Have Their Own Calculator Too?

Unbelievable, but the German version of this script is available at The page welcomes the visitor with an interesting slogan: “Toilet paper hamster: how long does the stock last?”. The script contains several precise metrics, similar to the English version. You can enter the time of your quarantine within a special field in Advanced options.

The website reminds people about a hefty of alternatives to toilet paper. Those include washcloths, strips, and a quick shower. Meanwhile, the demand for toilet paper is rising across the globe. 

Per Georgia Pacific, some stores are doubling their orders every week. We may soon appear in the situation when toilet papers end in stores faster than the food itself. The company has already shipped 20% more of the toilet paper, compared to previous periods.

Loren Fanroy from Procter & Gamble claims that the production plants are extending their capacities:

“We’re working around the clock to make sure we can keep delivering products to the retailers as fast as possible.”

What Stands Behind the Psychology of Toilet Paper Panic?

Smith College Professor Randy O. Frost, who is a specialist at obsessive shopping and hoarding psychology, says that people are attracted to toilet paper thanks to three key factors. The first one is utility, then goes aesthetic pleasure, and emotional attachment closing the list. However, per Frost, the hoarding crowds are only attached to the first cause.

The utility can eliminate the fears of people about some supply. When a person is certain that he or she will have the toilet paper on Day X, they somehow keep feeling the Buddha-style tranquility.

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