TokenDesk Wants to Create the Biggest Global ICO Platform

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TokenDesk, a company based in London and founded by Lithuanian entrepreneurs wants to create the biggest global ICO platform.

Initial Coin Offering (ICO) is a current holy grail for opportunity seekers anxious to skim quick profits. In cryptocurrency market there is no such thing as long term investing yet, as the market itself wasn’t around just a few years ago.

So is it a general shift of every industry from how we know them to something highly more complex to comprehend? Or is it a bubble?

The Returns are Incredible

One of the first ICOs was Ripple, raising $20 million back in 2013 was quite unexpected result for such kind of crowdfunding. Being an absolute novelty that is.

Later on there was a number of other great examples like Ethereum. Currently it is a base for the majority of ICOs which made its price shoot through the roof delivering 84.730%. Indeed that is eighty four thousand percent since the listing on ICO. Stratis went up around 54.040% which means that if you have had your lunch money ($10) invested in any of those, the returns today would look like $8730 and $5404 respectively.

There are more examples similar to that, according to Coinspeaker’s ICO tracking tool. And this is not over, either way, the new ICOs keep popping up with their fantastic opportunities and ingenious ideas.

Where Does ICO Come From? 

Initial Coin Offering (ICO) is a concept used in crowdfunding projects in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industries. The term is often confused with a ‘token sale’ or crowd sale, which refers to a method of selling individuals the right to participate in an economy, giving investors access to the features of a particular project that will start at a later date.

Most initial coin offerings are generated over the platforms like Tokenlot or ICOBazaar. It is important to understand how do they get created and also – by who. Getting the logic beyond the ICO business model and checking the background of every co-founder is vital.

Investing in ICO is basically the same as investing in IPO. The main difference is the minimum amount of funds any individual could put as an investment. In initial coin offering there is usually no (or very low) minimum investment requirement while in IPO you could only invest through a bank. That indeed means additional document processing and administration fees along with tens or hundreds of thousands minimum entry.

Future of ICO Market

Even though ICO market is smoking hot there are no unanimous standards established yet. Also, there are different platforms where you could find a regular deviations from their own norms and rules.

TokenDesk, a company based in London and founded by Lithuanian entrepreneurs is developing the biggest global ICO platform. They aim to create a product that will standardize all aspects of initial coin offerings not leaving any space for scams, gray area and legal flaws.

Founded by Gintaras Tamosiunas, a former member of the Parliament of Lithuania together with some very well known business figures, TokenDesk will soon be launched and deliver all these benefits to ICO publishers and investors.

The TokenDesk founders and team members have more than 10 years experience in ticketing e-platform and business development. They developed the biggest ticketing platform in Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia and Belarus. The company holding runs more than 60% of all ticketing business in the Baltic State region. The holding has made 71 mln. Eur from ticket sales by 2016.

Success Overnight

Even though, the TokenDesk’s ICO haven’t actually started yet, there is a possibility to reserve their tokens on the pre-sale campaign. It has attracted over a thousand investors on the very first day who reserved tokens worth over 1 million Euros.

This might be another great example of the blockchain based project that has its strong purpose in the market clearly comprehended by investors. In near future we should be seeing more new companies as well as well known corporations trying to fund their ideas through ICOs.

Blockchain and tokenization have already made a strong impact to the world of finance and technology.  Crypto investors are eager to get as much as possible from every opportunity. Their buying power is strong and this year alone the hype of spectacular growth will exceed the results of 2016 by tenfold if not more.

Astronomical risks bring astronomical returns. Whether you are a risk taker or not, there still is enough space on this fast moving train for everybody.

TokenDesk’s pre-sale with the discount of -55% off of the regular price will be launched on October 4, 2017 and will be available for 48 hours.

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