TomoChain Latest to Donate to Binance Charity Foundation

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TomoChain Latest to Donate to Binance Charity Foundation
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TomoChain, the scalable public blockchain platform, becomes one of the most recent entities to donate to Binance Charity joining hands in the Binance Charity Lunch For Children (BCLC) initiative.

The Binance Charity Foundation has been going strong since its 2018 inception, bringing in more than 500 BTC (~$5.4 million) in transparent donations to cover social impact areas ranging from disaster relief to infrastructure projects in developing countries.

TomoChain is happy to join hands in the Binance Charity Lunch For Children (BCLC) initiative with Binance Charity Foundation to help children in Uganda fulfill one of the most basic physiological needs,” detailed TomoChain in the announcement post.

TomoChain and Binance’s work on the Lunch for Children initiative is another project from Binance Charity focusing on the Ugandan people. Earlier this year, as one of its first major endeavors, the Binance Charity Foundation launched a donation project (Empower Bududa) to help Uganda recover from devastating landslides in January.

The Binance Charity Lunch for Children Initiative

The BCLC is one of a host of featured projects currently ongoing with the Binance Charity Foundation. Alongside beneficiary programs like Charity Wallet, the L-Istrina Campaign, and ALS ‘Voice Your Love,” The BCLC has surpassed $100k in donations, reaching more than 200 end-beneficiaries.

“Hunger is the No. 1 health risk in the world – killing more people every year than AIDS, malaria, and tuberculosis combined,” details the homepage for the program. “Around 3.1 million children under five years old die from poor nutrition each year in the world.”

TomoChain is contributing up to 9000 TOMO worth of Binance Chain’s native BNB token, along with a granular matching donation model for raising the donation based on the completion of TomoChain’s recently launched TOMOB trading competition on Binance’s new DEX.

“In East African countries such as Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania, a child only needs $0.3 a day to have breakfast and lunch that provide enough nutrition and energy to them,” details the BCLC page.

The problem is that only one child in public schools, on average, has a meal before they go to school, leading to a pressing need for donations to help feed the children, and consequently, increase school participation rates in the country which suffer as a result of endemic hunger.

“The Kide Nursery and Primary School initiative by Binance Charity Foundation brings back hope to the Ugandan young generation by providing a well-designed curriculum, well-established classrooms & laboratories, and of course, free nutritious lunch for children in need,” detailed Binance Charity in the press release.

TomoChain users and Binance DEX traders can take part in supporting the BCLC by either directly donating the BCLC via Binance Charity or taking part in the Binance DEX trading competition.

TomoChain’s move has a great impact on its community. One of its community-governed entities, TomoGlobal, has recently announced that it would match TomoChain’s donation in this initiative and has opened donations from community members to participate. Many members also stated that they would join this movement.

“The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members, thus we highly encourage TomoChain community members to join us on this great cause and contribute their share of the donation,” detailed the TomoGlobal team in the post, where you can find the Binance Charity donation address.

The Binance Charity Foundation (BCF) evolved out of a bid by the Binance exchange to explore the transparent donation implications of a blockchain-based system that accepts crypto assets – all directly verifiable on the site’s registry. The BCF operates as the receiving ledger and subsequent distributor of funds to NGO suppliers and end-beneficiaries. All funds are traceable through the blockchain, reducing instances of fraud or inefficient resource allocations.

TomoChain becomes the most recent among more than 500 contributors to the BCLC program. Together with its community, it is expected that TomoChain could make a sizeable donation to this meaningful program.

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