AlphaPoint, Bloq and RSK Labs Support Exchange Union’s Intention to Bridge Global Exchanges

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AlphaPoint, Bloq and RSK Labs Support Exchange Union’s Intention to Bridge Global Exchanges

Prominent blockchain companies encourage Exchange Union to continue taking steps to bridge digital currency exchanges via inter-exchange token XUC.

Exchange Union finds support of prominent blockchain companies such as AlphaPoint, RSK Labs, and Bloq.

Exchange Union is aiming to bridge digital currency exchanges via XUC, an inter-exchange token that allows secure cross-platform trading. Igor Telatnikov, AlphaPoint president and COO, says what benefits such approach can bring: “Exchange Union will bridge digital currency exchanges by breaking the barriers of separation among them, thus raising the liquidity of digital asset markets. This will be of great benefit to the industry. We believe Exchange Union will lead the trend for settlement on blockchain.”

RSK Labs is a reputable crypto market player that has developed an extensive fan-based Bitcoin and blockchain community and is widely regarded as one of the best solutions to the Bitcoin scale debate. Gabriel Kurman, a co-founder of the company, explains their support of what Exchange Union is aiming at.

“Exchange Union can play a key role connecting exchanges across the world and enabling the full potential of the internet of value. RSK technologies, such as the Lumino network, will allow Exchange Union members to trade up to 20,000 transactions per second of any kind of digital asset. We will pay close attention to this promising project and support its development”, he said.

In its turn, Bloq leads as a reliable provider of enterprise level blockchain technology. The list of Bloq’s services includes prominent solutions, business consultation and blockchain application support. Such support on the part of Jeff Garzik, a co-founder of Bloq and a very experienced developer, is truly valuable.

Exchange Union sets an ambitious goal of union chain development. Garzik believes in the potential of global cryptocurrency exchanges bridging and benefits of fast, secure and convenient transactions on the Exchange Union Chain.

Benefits for Users and Exchanges

The union will allow users easily and securely buying any digital currency throughout the exchanges at a favorable price. Exchange Union envisages the world with no barriers between the exchanges. Price discovery, cross-region trading, clearing, deposit and withdraw will be simple processes that can be done within the union.

The system that Exchange Union aims to create will offer high liquidity and broad user base for the exchanges. Now, the activity of digital exchanges is limited to particular countries, they are often restricted by language barriers and geographical borders, which altogether results in the price of digital currencies differing by as much as 10% between trading platforms.

Exchange Union token sale will be held via the one of the largest token sale platforms – Token Market and will start at 09:00 EST on August 7th, 2017.

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