TRON and APENFT Partner with Decentral Games to take GameFi to the Next Level

Place/Date: - October 14th, 2021 at 7:47 pm UTC · 4 min read
Contact: TRON, Source: TRON

TRON and APENFT Partner with Decentral Games to take GameFi to the Next Level

TRON, one of the leading cryptocurrency projects by market cap with a valuation of over $6B, has partnered with Decentral Games to unlock GameFi’s potential to help more ordinary people as it currently has in many regions worldwide.

TRON CEO and Founder Justin Sun said:

“I believe that the partnership with Decentral Games will unlock more potential for GameFi. It’s fascinating to see how GameFi facilitates a player-owned economy with ownership transfer and additional revenue generation. That has already benefited many ordinary people, especially in South Asia.”

TRON’s investment in $DG represents a strong endorsement of Decentral Games’ cutting-edge play-to-earn innovations. It also follows several high-profile partnerships and collaborations with Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, Theta, Grayscale, Decentraland, and Hashkey, among several others.

TRON launched a $300-million investment pool together with APENFT in August dedicated to advancing GameFi related technology, a space in which Decentral Games has become a prominent player.

Sun recently said:

“GameFi is going to be the next big thing that makes the DeFi, NFT, and larger crypto space easy to understand and be involved in.”

Decentral Games CEO and Founder Miles Anthony said:

“The Decentral Games and TRON teams share the belief that play-to-earn will play an outsized role in shaping the broader gaming sector and the future of entertainment and work.”

Mr. Anthony added:

“We are excited to work with TRON to accelerate the adoption of NFT and EV-positive gaming technologies for the long-term.”

GameFi has taken the blockchain game industry by storm as it combines decentralized finance (DeFi), bringing new dimensions to crypto games. For example, players may use and delegate assets to generate yield.

Decentral Games recently launched ICE Poker, an unrivaled play-to-earn (P2E) ecosystem that financially rewards users for their participation. DG’s gameplay mode boosts daily and monthly recurring players on the $DG platform and creates an EV-positive (expected value positive) environment for all players.

As a result of DG’s P2E success, a growing, loyal community of players have collectively provided the project with a formidable moat and dependable cash flows to the platform’s DAO. Year to date, the DG DAO treasury’s total assets have increased exponentially from $500,000 to over $12 million.

About Decentral Games (DG)

Decentral Games (DG) is a next-generation entertainment and play-to-earn GameFi DAO at the intersection of the metaverse and NFT. The company is backed by key investor Digital Currency Group (DCG), whose principal subsidiary Grayscale is the world’s biggest bitcoin and cryptocurrency fund manager and manages $40 billion in assets. Decentral Games is a leading metaverse project. It is the world’s first to provide metaverse employment opportunities.

Decentral Games develops 3D metaverse games on blockchain for both consumer and business markets. The games include NFTs, play-to-earn models, wager-based games, and 3D virtual events games revolving around music entertainment with an immersive experience.

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About TRON

Tron was founded by Justin Sun in 2017. It is developed by multiple blockchain developers and sees building the next generation of global financial and internet infrastructure at its mission. Tron aims at providing millions of developers across the globe with a custom-built system for blockchain that is efficient, developer-friendly, stable, secure and easy to optimize.

With over 55 million registered users and over 2.3 billion transactions, Tron is the world’s fastest-growing public chain and it is now among the world’s three major public chains. Tron public chain boasts a diverse blockchain ecosystem covering the public chain, wallet clients, DApp, and DeFi. It has become an important representative of global blockchain’s development.

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Officially registered in Singapore on March 29, 2021, APENFT is backed by the underlying technology of top-notch blockchains Ethereum and TRON with support from the world’s largest distributed storage system Bittorrent File System (BTFS) to deliver the mission of registering world-class artworks as NFTs on the blockchain. NFT, as the sole token issued by APENFT, is a decentralized digital currency developed in compliance with the ERC-20/TRC-20 protocol, and also serves as a proof of stake of the foundation. NFT holders can vote, share profits and participate in community events.

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