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Support for TRON and Bitcoin Blockchains Added on Opera’s Crypto Wallet

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by Verolian Opiyo · 3 min read
Support for TRON and Bitcoin Blockchains Added on Opera’s Crypto Wallet
Photo: Opera Blog

Good news, you can now send and receive TRON (TRC 10 tokens and TRX) and Bitcoin (BTC) through the beta version of the Opera browser for Android. The new version also allows webpages to conduct transactions with Bitcoin.

On July 10, Opera browser launched exciting, innovative features incorporated into Crypto Wallet in the beta version of Opera browser on Android (version 53 beta). The new feature is accompanied by support for TRON and Bitcoin blockchains, an initiative which helps to make Web 3 more mainstream.

Initially, Opera’s built-in Crypto Wallet could only support ERC-tokens and Ethereum. And now the updated version supports both TRON and Bitcoin. It is far safer to say that Opera browsers are Web 3 ready as it sets the pace for the new standard for all browsers.

Bitcoin was the first blockchain, which provokes the globe’s interest in cryptocurrencies. Presently, its value is skyrocketing. Initially, Bitcoin has been utilized for prediction as well as storage of value but rarely for real transactions. With this launch, Opera’s beta Android browser enables users to easily send and receive (BTC) and access their history of the purchase.

The tech firm is also incorporating a test integration of Web 3 that makes it efficient for users to make payments with BTC and for sites to request and receive addresses too. The browser is inviting Bitcoin to Web 3 to enable users to utilize this cryptocurrency for payments on the Web.

TRON, meanwhile, is rapidly growing into a useful blockchain. With this launch, Crypto Wallet linked to Opera browser on Android (beta) will be showing TRC10 and TRX token balances. It will further enable browsers to send and receive TRX and TRC10 and access their history of transactions.

Opera’s Initiative Through Web 3

In December last year, Opera made history as the first primary browser to incorporate Web 3 explorer and a native Crypto Wallet. These updated features allow individuals to make payments and relate with the blockchain-based internet of the future, Web 3.

In April this year, Opera introduced this operation to PC browsers and in last month, to the Opera Touch browser on iOS. The smooth user’s platform doesn’t demand wallet applications or any third-party browser extensions.

Web 3 still has a long way to go to attain it’s wider adoption. It has overcome hurdles that range from complex installation procedures to pitfalls in obtaining cryptocurrency, and understanding of the latest terminology.

To use the existing TRON and Bitcoin integration, use Google Play to download the Opera browser beta. The Crypto Wallet operates on smartphones with Android 6.0 or more advanced versions.

The Opera browser with Web 3 and Crypto Wallet is available for Linux and Windows PCs, Mac, and Android smartphones. The wallet also exists in Opera Touch for iOS.

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