TRON Downturn: Matic and Everlodge as Secure Crypto Alternatives?

TRON Encounters a Major Downturn: Could Polygon and Everlodge Offer a More Secure Alternative?

December 21st, 2023 at 2:44 pm UTC · 3 min read

TRON Encounters a Major Downturn: Could Polygon and Everlodge Offer a More Secure Alternative?
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/Everlodge/ – With TRON (TRX) struggling with major price retracement, it’s natural for investors to explore more promising alternatives. Could Polygon (MATIC) and the presale project Everlodge (EDLG) emerge as a more secure option in the volatile crypto market?

Polygon, currently busy upgrading its network scalability and the promising predictions surrounding Everlodge, a presale token set to bring 10X returns on launch, might just offer the security you seek. Let’s uncover if they could be your next strategic crypto to buy next year.

A Closer Look at TRON Coin’s Recent Performance

Over the past month, TRON coin (TRX) has exhibited rather subdued price movements, marking a modest 0.07% uptick and reaching $0.10 by December. Despite being a notable altcoin and holding the 11th position in market capitalization, TRON coin (TRX) appears to be facing hurdles in gaining substantial upward momentum.

Amid the TRON ecosystem’s noteworthy achievement with Total Value Locked (TVL) nearing its all-time peak, apprehensions arise regarding the TRON coin’s vulnerability to regulatory pressures.

The recent move involving the withdrawal of Justin Sun’s Ethereum stake (the largest ETH stake till date), and Tether’s heightened issuance on TRON presents potential advantages for TRON. However, the actual impact on TRON’s overall performance remains uncertain. But if you’re looking for a less than $1 crypto to buy, you might choose to explore TRON some more.

Jordi Baylina Is Positive About Polygon’s Advancements, Yet Price Action Pause

Polygon’s (MATIC) integration with Celestia Org and the introduction of high-throughput Layer-2 chains stand out as significant steps forward. Despite these strides, the positive impact on Polygon’s price is yet to materialize.

In an exclusive conversation with Cointelegraph, Jordi Baylina shared insights, noting that 2024 would serve as a litmus test for Polygon. It will gauge the scalability and integration of Polygon’s diverse networks through the adoption of zero-knowledge proofs.

As of the time of writing, Polygon’s price is $0.763, reflecting a decline of over 11% in the past week. Experts suggest that Polygon may experience further price corrections in the short term. However, optimism surrounds the potential post-upgrade scenario, where on-chain metrics could align positively for Polygon’s valuation and perhaps position it as one of the best cryptocurrency investments.

Everlodge Builds on Utility

Some of the best cryptocurrency investments out there are those that propose innovative utility models. While Everlodge (ELDG) fits the description, it introduces a groundbreaking investment avenue through fractionalized property ownership, providing a unique blend of innovation and stability.

In contrast to the occasional volatility of crypto investments, Everlodge grounds its value in the enduring allure of luxury real estate. Strategically aligning with reputable hotel chains and luxury property developers, Everlodge sets out to democratize vacation property ownership, making it more accessible to a broader audience.

The innovative approach involves transforming properties into NFTs (non-fungible tokens) and breaking them into smaller, tradable shares. This opens doors for investors to diversify their portfolios across various premium properties.

What’s particularly compelling is the divisibility of these NFTs, allowing entry with minimal investments, starting at just $100. Investors can trade these property-backed NFTs seamlessly on Everlodge’s platform or compatible third-party ERC20 marketplaces.

As Everlodge gears up for launch in a bullish market, there’s a high likelihood that the ELDG token will meet or even exceed predictions of a 10x gain on launch day. As of the time of writing, the presale stage eight has just kicked off, with ELDG token selling at a modest price of $0.027. Could Everlodge be the next crypto to buy for your diversified portfolio? Keep a close eye on this promising venture.

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