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TURE: New Cryptocurrency Wallet Launched Worldwide

February 5th, 2019 at 7:51 am UTC · 1 min read

TURE: New Cryptocurrency Wallet Launched Worldwide

TURE Wallet is developed by Storiqa, the marketplace which has already gained substantial weight in the crypto industry and attracted NASDAQ’s interest. TURE Wallet is a payment application which allows transactions between its users in BTC, ETH, and STQ with zero fees.

TURE Wallet is a multi-crypto wallet and currently supports BTC, ETH, and STQ. It allows allocating budget among several currencies simultaneously. TURE Wallet offers such benefits:

  • Hold, receive, and exchange all these currencies within one wallet app.
  • Convert wallet’s budget between BTC, ETH, STQ.
  • Transfer STQ, BTC, ETH in the blink of an eye and without any additional gas or fees within the TURE wallet .
  • Transactions with other TURE Wallet users are nearly momentary and free of any commissions.

Andrian Galkin, the CEO of Storiqa, commented:

“Ture is a synonym for pretty, amazing, awesome. The chosen name emphasizes that we want to astonish people with simplified crypto payments. We intend to develop this idea further and make TURE Wallet usable outside Storiqa ecosystem. Just imagine yourself paying for coffee with a crypto wallet. We plan to integrate fiat currencies for crypto-fiat transactions and add more currencies.”



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