Twitter Suspends Accounts of Crypto Influencers 

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Twitter Suspends Accounts of Crypto Influencers 
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According to the Twitter policy, account security at risk and abusive tweets are part of the reasons an account can get suspended. 

Twitter Inc (NYSE: TWTR) has been exposed to suspending the accounts of some selected prominent crypto influencers in the early hours of Wednesday. According to the report, this was done with no clear reason as the social media giant has not released any public statement to clarify the report.

This has been a serious cause for concern as a similar attack on crypto-related ads in 2018 forced the market to fall flat after recording an all-time high total market cap. Just recently, YouTube was also accused of suspending the accounts of some major cryptocurrency news platforms over what they claim to be a violation of policies, though the suspension was revoked.

This came to light after an attempt to access the Twitter accounts of @woonomic, @100trillionUSD, @mmcrypto, @wsbchairman, @themooncarl, @TheCryptoDog, @KoroushAK was not successful.

“Twitter Suspends Accounts Which Violates the Twitter Rule” was indicated on the profile of the affected accounts. As it stands, @100trillionUSD and @woonomic have had their accounts restored with the rest still in suspension.

Whilst people were desperately looking for the reason for the suspension of the accounts of crypto influencers, @woonomic posted the reason given by Twitter after his account was restored.

The statement says that Twitter has a system set up to locate and remove multiple automated spam accounts. Unfortunately, the system mistakenly flagged his account as spam. It was then stated that the followers and following of the restored account will take about an hour to show. Since the rest of the accounts are in suspension, it cannot be certain that their accounts were also flagged by mistake. In the 2018 fiasco, Twitter released a public statement to clarify that they do not permit any ad that violates their policy. By then, they did not have a clear or specific policy on cryptocurrency-related ads.

These social media giants have what it takes to crash the crypto market as any negative policy can cause investors to exit the market. This explains why there is the need for them to release a statement to explain the motive behind their action against the crypto influencers. When Coindesk was suspended on Youtube, they claimed that an attempt to get the reason for the action was not successful.

On the Twitter policy page, they stress three main reasons why an account can get suspended. The first one is spam. According to them, accounts flagged to be spam or plain fake are removed without hesitation as they cause security risk for the company and its users. Twitter inc mentioned that sometimes a real person can get suspended. In this case, the affected victim can contact them to work their way out. Account security at risk and abusive tweets are part of the reasons an account can get suspended.

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