Twitter Unveils New Community Feature

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Twitter Unveils New Community Feature
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Twitter is making effort to grow its user base to 315 million monetizable daily active users and bring annual revenue to $7.5 billion by the end of 2023.

Social media giant Twitter has unveiled a new feature called Communities. This new feature is similar to what’s operational in Facebook Groups, Discord servers, and Reddit subreddits.

The company first released a teaser related to this feature in February. However starting on Wednesday, Apple iOS Twitter users will be able to use the feature. The Communities will provide a space for people of similar interests and passions to gather around topics of interest to them and discuss.

Twitter noted that while Android users will be able to follow community conversations, they wouldn’t be able to use it yet themselves until more functionality is added. This functionality will come as a dedicated app tab and the ability to join and participate in the new groups using the tab.

When users join a community and post tweets, the tweet is shown primarily to only those in the community instead of those of their followers. While all tweets within the Communities will be visible to the public, only the members of the community will be able to reply to the tweets directly. Other users will however be able to quote, reply and report the tweets.

In moving forward, the company has started with some communities. These communities will focus on generally relatable topics like dogs, weather, sneakers, skincare, and astrology. However, the company also announced that it will allow more people to create communities in the future.

Certain users have been assigned as moderators over the Communities. As moderators, these users will be able to invite other Twitter users into their communities via DM. They’ll also be able to remove content posted within the group. Subsequently, it seems general users will be able to discover the Communities of interest to them in case they are interested in joining.

Twitter Looking to Increase User Base with New Feature Set

The new feature is just one of several additional features rolled out by Twitter recently. Last week, it launched Super Follows, a paid subscription feature allowing select users to charge others for exclusive access to their content. It also recently allowed some users to sell tickets for audio rooms with Ticketed Spaces and is testing the Tip Jar which helps facilitate a one-time payment.

In launching these features, Twitter is making effort to grow its user base to 315 million monetizable daily active users and bring annual revenue to $7.5 billion by the end of 2023.

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