Typeface Valued at $1B Following $100M Series B Funding from Salesforce, Microsoft, Google

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Typeface Valued at $1B Following $100M Series B Funding from Salesforce, Microsoft, Google
Abhay Parasnis, Typeface CEO. Photo: Oracle PR / Flickr

The funding round conducted only a few months after its public launch puts Typeface in fierce competition with similar tools.

Typeface, a generative artificial intelligence (AI) content creation platform for enterprises, announced it has concluded a Series B funding round. Typeface received $100 million in funding from a round led by Salesforce Ventures, the arm of Salesforce Inc (NYSE: CRM) that provides funding, support, and mentorship to startups. The round brings Typeface’s total funding to $165 million and puts the company’s valuation at $1 billion.

Other participants in the funding round include Google Ventures, the M12 venture fund from Microsoft, Madrona, Menlo Ventures, and Lightspeed Venture Partners.

In an official release, Typeface founder and CEO Abhay Parasnis said the company provides businesses with “enterprise-ready solutions” to adequately harness the transformative power of AI for content creation. According to Parasnis, “by combining the strengths of generative AI platforms with our brand-specialized knowledge, we have eliminated the barriers for enterprises to harness generative AI. Typeface empowers every enterprise to create high-quality, personalized content that aligns with its unique voice.”

Parasnis, a former Adobe CTO, founded Typeface in June 2022, along with former personnel from Microsoft and Meta. Typeface launched publicly in February and has garnered interest from several companies, including LG Electronics, one of Typeface’s customers. The platform integrates several AI tools into its business, including OpenAI’s GPT-4, Google Vertex AI, Microsoft Azure AI, and Stable Diffusion.

Typeface Partnerships Before Funding Round

Typeface successfully secured two major partnerships with tech giants. Google Cloud and Typeface announced a partnership to scale its AI content for businesses. A press release explained that Typeface will integrate Google Cloud’s large language models (LLMs) and launch a Google Workspace Marketplace plugin. Businesses can use the plugin to create quick, customized, compelling content for use across different channels.

Last week, Typeface announced another partnership with Salesforce. The partnership integrates Typeface’s AI tools with the Salesforce Marketing GPT to provide customers with customized content. Marketers will be able to use their own brand, messaging, and style guides to create engaging and creative content to drive productivity.

How Does Typeface Work?

Parasnis explained to TechCrunch that Typeface functions with three major components. The first is a content hub that applies guidelines the user provides for content (text and image) generation. Typeface also has the Blend tool, which uses AI to customize the user’s content to a particular brand’s style or voice. Finally, Parasnis explains Flow, a tool offering users various workflows and templates they can install with existing programs for on-brand content creation.

Speaking on the need for Typeface, Parasnis said:

“Enterprise leaders are telling us across the board that they want to embrace generative AI, but they need a solution that meets their unique requirements and is ready for the enterprise.”

Specific Typeface use may include helping a marketer create an Instagram post, including an image and a caption. The user can specify specific brand wording and imagery to launch a product or advertise a feature based on the brand’s image and style.

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