UK-based Startup LazyCoins Launches Cryptocurrency Exchange

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UK-based Startup LazyCoins Launches Cryptocurrency Exchange
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LazyCoins, a London-based startup, announced the launch of its cryptocurrency exchange, following the success of beta version and booming third party test reports.

On Tuesday, Pressat published a press release on behalf of LazyCoins, which announced the launch of a new cryptocurrency exchange. LazyCoins positions itself as a Bitcoin exchange that makes trading easy and effective, including innovative features such as multi tab trading.

The company allows merchants and local stores to accept payments in various cryptocurrencies. In addition, LazyCoins says that they make it easy for customers to purchase and sell digital currencies with national fiat currency. The startup has about 10,000 registered users taking advantage of 0% fees. Moreover, the number of verified users has increased since the company’s announcement regarding the chances for the UK to dominate the digital currency industry.

Trying to draw potential customers’ attention, LazyCoins stresses the fact that security matters a lot for the company. So, 100% of user funds are secured with multi-signature keys in offline cold storage.

“We’ve been blown away by the positive response from the community toward our platform, brand and company ethos,” says Danial Daychopan, CEO and founder of LazyCoins. “We have built a secure platform people can trust, but we also want a company that our customers believe in. So we’re always listening to the community.”

According to the press release, LazyCoins has secured its Money Business License (MSB) from Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC). So, LazyCoins clients are able to make their payments faster and enjoy same day deposits. In addition to that, it’ll be easier for European clients, especially for the Brits, to buy, trade and spend their bitcoins in the UK.

“Compliance with regulations that aren’t designed for digital currencies is a challenge for Bitcoin businesses.” says Peter Heigho, Managing Director of LazyCoins. “This is the correct expression if we were just a platform to sell digital currencies, we are not; we are a trading platform between fiat currencies and digital as well as a merchant payment platform, as such, we are correctly described as a Bureau De Change as well as a Currency Exchange.”

Danial Daychopan also added that in the coming months the company is going to open LazyPay, “an application that makes it easy for merchants to accept payments in Bitcoin, while dramatically reducing their cost of doing business. With a number of London merchants already signed up, we’re going on a mission to spread the word and make bitcoin part of everyday life.”

According to the company, LazyPay is a service that lets online merchants to take payments in various cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, litecoin, darkcoin and others. LazyCoins states that there is no charge or transaction fee for those who accept bitcoin and choose to keep their funds in this particular cryptocurrency. Clients’ bitcoins may be automatically exchanged into local currencies like GBP/USD/EURO.

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