UK-Based Professional Cricket Club to Issue Season Tickets on Blockchain

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UK-Based Professional Cricket Club to Issue Season Tickets on Blockchain
Photo: Lancashire Cricket Club

It has become known that the professional cricket club based in the United Kingdom will use blockchain-based ticketing for all its domestic and international matches at its home ground this season.

In its bid to create a seamless, effective and transparent ticketing experience for its fans this season, professional UK-based cricket team Lancashire cricket team, has joined forces with blockchain ticketing service provider, TIXnGO on a new ticketing experience.

Tapping Blockchain Technology for Transparency and Efficiency

According to a report by industry magazine TheTicketingBusiness, the tickets would be unique in so many ways.

Apart from being traceable to the owner, a ticket is also nearly impossible to counterfeit and very unique to the purchaser. The system is also built in a way that it simplifies the process involved in reselling or transferring singular and season tickets.

The report also revealed that the new ticketing scheme is not an entirely new experience as it was tested in the 2019 season to prove its effectiveness.

Commenting on the latest development, the UK Managing Director of SecuTix, Lancashire existing ticketing provider and TIXnGO sister organization David Hornby stated that :

” Blockchain technology addresses many of the ticketing issues that both sports organizations and fans alike face every day. The new model easily plugs into Lancashire’s existing system to give fans a better and more secure digital mobile tickets experience.”

Sports and Blockchain Synergy

Despite its nascent nature, blockchain technology is increasingly being adopted in many sectors of the global economy, from supply chain and logistics to product authentication.

The sports world is not left out of the equation, as many teams in the industry are now paying more attention to distributed ledger technology (DLT).

The relationship between the exciting world of sports, especially soccer and blockchain technology is getting stronger with each passing day, as more teams are joining the blockchain train.

Coinspeaker reported in December that the most successful football team in Italy, Juventus Football Club became the first tokenized team in the world when they collaborated with blockchain-based firm Socios.

The partnership gave birth to the first-ever Fan Token Offering (FTO), which is designed to allow the fans to be a part of major decisions at the club and also get rewarded for it.

The record-breaking event makes it the first time in history that a major football club will be tokenized on the blockchain. Now we are waiting for other major teams to turn to the tokenization.

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