uKit Started ICO to Bring AI, Big Data and Blockchain to Website Building

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by Alexandra Sayapina · 3 min read

Popular website building platform offers 100 000 tokens to raise money for developing AI-based technology of increasing conversion and personalizing websites.

Website builders have already gained lots of popularity around the world. The idea of creating an attractive website without months of costly work with professional designers and developers was bound to succeed. No wonder the IPOs of such companies usually turn out to be profitable.

One of the most popular platforms of the kind, Wix, managed to upraise $127 million in 2013. Two years later its competitor the Grid tried to replicate the success with getting over $5 million for pre-orders while running a crowdfunding campaign. This year Russian-based website-builder uKit decided to get $10 million through an ICO.

uKit is a well-known company that has been working in the sphere of website building for more than 12 years. They have attracted 3.8 million users who have created over 3.5 websites. Anyway, it looks like the team is ready to begin its race to greater heights. uKit offers innovative approach to website building – intelligent re-design system based on generative algorithms and neural networks.

The new technology that has been termed uKit AI 2.0 is aimed at personalizing website versions for different users. Such an approach allows increasing the percent of visitors who take a target action. Marketing specialists usually have to meet the challenge of optimizing sites by creating complicated user behavior strategies and different websites for each target audience.

Meanwhile, uKit offers a simple and efficient solution. The company is using machine learning to optimize the conversion. Anyway, AI needs lots of data to improve. Even though uKit is an extremely popular platform, the project needs to increase the amount of data collected.

That is why they announced that any member of uKit AI ecosystem may get rewarded for providing datasets to the company. For sure, reward comes in UKT token. And that is where blockchain gets in there. uKit describes it in the following way: “Data packages are signed with the key that is passed to the uData smart contract’s blockchain in the Ethereum system, while centralized public log removes the restriction on the total volume of the stored information.”

The plans of uKit are ambitious. They are already a world-wide website building platform. Now they expect their data market to triple in value within the next 10 years. uKit pre-ICO has already begun and lasts till the end of the year.

All in all, the company is to create 100 000 UKT tokens, 55 000 of them are for sale. During pre-ICO the price is $150 for 1 token; from the very beginning of 2018 it is to become $200. All of the funds collected are to be spent on further development of the uKit AI.

Analysts predict that demand for UKT tokens is to grow in the near future. The company provides the token-owners with lots of opportunities. They can trade them using internal marketplace. They can use  uKit and uData personalizations. Obtaining a UKT token also allows using the platform without time limitation.

The pre-ICO of UKT tokens offers just 5000 of tokens, and more than 1/3 of this amount has already been sold.

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