UniArts’ UniScan NFT Explorer Granted by Web3 Foundation

Place/Date: - September 22nd, 2021 at 10:58 am UTC · 1 min read
Source: UniScan

UniScan, which is a multi chain NFT Explorer, has been granted by Web3 Foundation, and passed milestone 1  evaluation.

UniScan NFT Explorer wants to be the best place to analyze, track and discover NFTs.

UniScan NFT Explorer hopes to create a unified NFT dedicated explorer for the Polkadot / Kusama  as  well as  other blockchain ecology.  It can  be  used to   discover and  view  the NFTs  in Polkadot / Kusama  and  other blockchain    networks.

The vision of UniScan explorer is to become a better platform for discovering and analyzing NFTs. In the future, we can provide more tools for discovering and analyzing NFTs, such as combining on-chain data and off-chain data to provide users with some statistical  views.

UniArts is a multi-network NFT ecosystem with substrate developed main-net as well as EVMs based smart contracts for NFT infrastructures, it also provides crowd voting incentives, DAO curation and art grant to help better achieve democratization of art.

Grant Review.