Unstoppable Domains Partners with Ethereum Name Service, Adds .eth Domains

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Unstoppable Domains Partners with Ethereum Name Service, Adds .eth Domains
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The developer will allow users of Unstoppable Domains to purchase .eth domains without connecting an existing Ether wallet and simplify the management of ENS Domains.

In the latest development, the digital identity platform Unstoppable Domains added support for Ethereum Name Service (ENS) domains, in order to expand their offerings of Web3 decentralized domains.

In the Web3 domains space, Unstoppable Domains and Ethereum Name Service have been the two biggest service providers in the market. These players allow users to create human-readable domain names along with other crypto wallet addresses. Furthermore, decentralized domains act as a profile across the Web3 ecosystem while unlocking a host of different functionalities.

The introduction of .eth domain endings allows individuals to store their digital identity on the Ethereum blockchain. For e.g. .eth domains, allows users to replace their long wallet address (such as 0x74Fe1103d28fb79F4d83800003983390Dfc61234) with a shorter, easier-to-remember name like “me.eth”. With Unstoppable Domains, users will also be able to manage .nft or .x domains, all from a single place.

Here’s What Unstoppable Domains Users Can Do

Now, users have the option to purchase .eth names through Unstoppable, offering additional payment methods and functionality to simplify the management of ENS domains. When users buy .eth domains from Unstoppable, they undergo registrations through the ENS smart contract and provide the same features as domains registered directly through ENS.

Unstoppable also allows users to purchase .eth domains without connecting them to an existing Ether wallet. This is possible through Unstoppable Vault, a noncustodial service that enables users to secure Web3 domains even if they don’t have a cryptocurrency wallet initially.

To make things even more convenient, Unstoppable offers an auto-renewal mechanism for ENS users. This eliminates the need to manually renew .eth domains on the blockchain and minimizes the risk of losing a domain.

The integration with Unstoppable expands the payment options for .eth users. Users can now purchase their desired Web3 domain using various payment methods, including Bitcoin, 12 different cryptocurrencies, as well as conventional fiat options like credit cards, PayPal, Google Pay, and Apple Pay.

With a combined total of 6.3 million registered domains, Unstoppable Domains and ENS are at the forefront of digital identity preservation. Matt Gould, the CEO and Co-Founder of Unstoppable Domains, emphasized the importance of simplifying the process of purchasing .eth domains to attract users who may not be familiar with Web3 technology. Speaking to CoinDesk, he said:

“People want to have a one place to manage all their Web3 domains across all different platforms. They don’t want to have to think about having to pay with a whole bunch of different types of cryptocurrency or having 1,000 different wallets they have to keep track of…that’s kind of that’s the experience that we’re leaning into.”

Unstoppable Building .eth Management Tools

Unstoppable is actively working on developing tools to manage .eth domains, which will offer features such as setting cryptocurrency addresses, managing on-chain profile data, and facilitating domain transfers.

While users who purchase .eth domains through Unstoppable can benefit from ENS integrations, it’s important to note that these domains will not be compatible with Unstoppable’s own set of approximately 800 integrations.

Additionally, Unstoppable provides support for various Web3 domains, including .nft, .crypto, .wallet, .dao, .bitcoin, .polygon, .BinanceUS, and .blockchain.

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