Unstoppable Domains Pioneers Emergence of Women of Web3 Initiative

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Unstoppable Domains Pioneers Emergence of Women of Web3 Initiative
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Decentraland has made a commitment to build out a headquarters for the Unstoppable Women of Web3.

Unstoppable Domains has launched the Women of Web3 initiative, a not-for-profit campaign that seeks to bolster inclusivity and diversity in the growing web3.0 ecosystem. As reported by VentureBeat, the San Francisco-based company has teamed up with about 65 companies in both Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 to back the initiative as the world marked International Women’s Day on March 8.

Amongst the companies or brands onboarded include Google Cloud, Deloitte, Blockchain.com, Algorand, and Decentraland amongst others. The Women of Web3 initiative will seek to educate women and other marginalized groups on the advances in the tech world of today. Coming off as an education group, the partners’ primary focus is centered on training new talents in order to level the playing field for everyone as the Web3 world journeys into mainstream adoption.

“The future of web3 is around a powerful value position to businesses and consumers. Our goal is to ensure that diversity, which is a key indicator of innovation, is included in the fabric of the web3 movement,” said Sandy Carter, senior vice president of Unstoppable Domains and founder of Unstoppable Women of web3, in a statement. “With education, community, and mentoring, we’re lowering the barrier to entry for women and creating an investment, job opportunities, and training for millions of women around the world.”

Every participation brand has one form of commitment to the initiative or the other. On the part of Unstoppable Domains, a total of $10 million in Domain Names has been earmarked to be given out in a bid to back women in their Non-Fungible Token (NFT) journeys.

Decentraland has made a commitment to build out a headquarters for the Unstoppable Women of Web3. Overall, the initiative is committed to featuring at least 50% of educational materials from women in its quest to push forth learning points for the emerging tech world.

Unstoppable Women of Web3: Driving Inclusion through Networking

The tech world can be a very convoluted world, especially for people that are naturally marginalized like women and those that identify with the LGBTQ+ community. The Unstoppable Women of Web3 hopes to straighten out these unclear paths for everyone by harnessing the broad network of its partners.

“The rise of web3 technology presents an incredible opportunity to help connect this next generation of innovators with the tools and supportive networks they need to be a part of this rapidly changing space,” said Christin Brown, global financial services strategy & solutions lead at Google Cloud, in a statement. “Google Cloud is proud to be a part of the Unstoppable Women of Web3 initiative and support the growth of tomorrow’s female leaders.”

While the involvement of women in Web 2.0 is not impressive, unless initiatives like this are introduced, backed, and made to thrive, the chances that women will find a stronger and louder voice in future innovations is at a very low ebb.

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