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Blockchain Gaming Startup Untamed Planet Raises $24M in Series A

UTC by Bhushan Akolkar · 3 min read
Blockchain Gaming Startup Untamed Planet Raises $24M in Series A
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Two players will work together on projects focusing on the emerging Metaverse space and NFTs. The first sale of NFTs shall go live later this month.

On Thursday, May 5, blockchain-based gaming startup Untamed Planet announced that it has raised $24.3 million in a Series A funding round led by Animoca Brands. The startup seeks to build 3D immersive nature games using metaverse concepts and non-fungible tokens.

To create an immersive natural environment, Untamed Planet uses the game creation platform Roblox. Besides, it also incorporates non-fungible tokens (NFTs) built on the Solana blockchain. The big thing about Untamed Planet is that it also donates 50-100% of its NFT sales to conservation organizations.

On the other hand, Animoca Brands has been a big supporter of the metaverse and the NFT games. The company has so far made over 200 blockchain-related investments. As part of the partnership, Untamed Planet will work with Animoca’s subsidiary and mobile gaming firm nWay. The two players will develop and publish an upcoming game Untamed Metaverse.

Apart from offering a 3D immersive experience to players, Untamed Metaverse will players to explore digital landscapes, collect NFT assets, participate in quests, and form communities passionate about protecting Nature. As per reports, all these efforts will directly benefit nature conservation efforts in the real world.

Untamed Planet said it’s working on digitizing the world’s wildlife ecosystem while building fun, nature-based experiences. It also leverages Web 3 technology for building sustainable sources of donation for Nature. Speaking of the development, Scott Bandy, studio head of Untamed Planet, said:

“What excites me about the Untamed Planet mission is the opportunity to merge mainstream gaming with the new prospects that Web3 enables for digital ownership by players in order to drive real-world conservation – this project is epic. We couldn’t have hoped for better partners than Animoca Brands and Nway.”

Untamed Planet Gaming Startup Focuses on Sustainability and Conversion

Ethereum-based NFT projects have been receiving some flak considering that the blockchain is still Proof-of-Work. But Untamed Planet uses a different blockchain designed for low-energy use, for NFT projects.

The startup said that it’s committed to environmental sustainability. Thus it follows some of the best technology practices with environmental and social impact.

Untamed Planet will leverage Ethereum competitor PoS blockchain platform, Solana, to mint its first NFTs. Thus, minting NFTs on the Solana blockchain network will not only consume very low energy but also be cost-effective.

The first collaboration between Untamed Planet and Animoca Brands is an NFT collection of animal avatars based on the work of world-renowned photographer David Yarrow. The NFTs will be available for sale later this month in May. All the proceeds for the same shall go to wildlife conservation efforts. Yat Siu, executive chairman of Animoca Brands, said:

“We are extremely proud to work with Untamed Planet to support a project that is both a good cause and an extremely promising open metaverse development. We look forward to advancing the ways in which technology can drive nature conservation.”

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