What Is the Value of Hacken and How It Will Change The World

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What Is the Value of Hacken and How It Will Change The World

The modern realities of the world bring the topics of cyber security and cryptocurrencies into the most discussable ones. It is obvious that these two subjects would gain far more value for the society during the next few years.

The 2017 year has shown that the growth of cyber security sector is huge with almost 350 thousand of positions in it, according to CyberSeek. However, the demand on the market is still far higher than the available supply of bug bounty activities and penetration testing.

In turn, Hacken is a company which challenges to create a self-sufficient sound regional cyber defense system with the reliance on the blockchain technology and to full adaptation to its needs. Blockchains appear to be a perfect match for the cyber security industry. To provide the best prospects of overcoming the cyber security issues, Hacken would use smart contracts to provide research audit, store product data and issue HackenProof Vulnerabilities and Countermeasures Certificates.

The white hat hackers would get the opportunity to apply their knowledge to the creation of the ecosystem where cyber ethics and security would be the priority. Hacken company, on their side, are planning to become a platform which would adjust to any challenges of the cyber security during the next decade and overcome them. The more dynamic community would be, the more value it would create for each exact member of it. As a result, the company is going to launch several projects to contribute to Cyber Security development.

Hacken Ecosystem

The ecosystem, which the company is going to create, would be targeted on sticking of the cyber security professionals together with the blockchain community on the single platform. The primary goals would be doing business together and invest in the cyber startups of other participants. In other words, Hacken aims to launch products, which together would resolve and address the most relevant issues of the cyber security market.

HackIT Conference

Hacken company has the defined strategy and goals in making the cyber security industry a better place. That is why the company is planning to launch the online HackIT Cup during the HackIT conference, which would be held on September, 23 in Kharkov, Ukraine. During six days, thirty best white hat hackers would take part in the CTF competition supported by HackIT and Hacken. The company is open to cooperation with the whole community of cyber security professionals, who are following the same ethical concerns.

Hacken Accelerator

Hacken Accelerator is a unique initiative launched by cyber security professionals and 1991 Incubator. All the startups would be guided by the best Ukrainian and global cyber security companies and professionals. This six-month project would be aimed to let the cyber security startups in Ukraine and other countries to emerge onto the new level. Also, it would decrease the gap in piloted programs availability in Ukraine, especially in cyber security segment.

Hacken Proof

Hacken Proof, on its side, is a marketplace where the cooperation of the cyber security professionals and blockchain community would emerge into the effective bug bounty platform with the basis of the fair share principle. The main goals of the cooperation, as well as the platform in general, would be the high-quality vulnerability and penetration testing, along with reports with the concerning fees for the members of the community who submit them.

Hacken Token

Hacken token would be used inside the ecosystem for investment into Hacken Accelerator. Additionally, it would grant its participants to place orders on Unreported Zero-Day Remuneration Platform, Hacken Proof, and Cyber Analytics Center. All these services would allow the companies to get the premium level professional assistance in any question or issue in cyber security. The assistance would be executed by the best white hat hackers.

Hacken is designed to be the first decentralized token for cyber security professionals. The uniqueness of the platform is that Hacken provides the combination of premium cyber security services by the best white hat hackers which could be only received by using HKN. Hacken aims to mine 20 Mln tokens with the 1 USD = 1 HKN availability for sale. Options of purchasing HKNs would include BTC, DASH, ETH, LTC, USD, and EUR. More information about HKN mining and sale of tokens are available on Hacken official website (hacken.io).

Hacken Team

It is obvious that the success of Hacken is based on the wise leadership and strategic partnerships with the product team. Dmytro Budorin, who is the CEO of the project, among other achievements was ACCA of Deloitte for 8 years and is currently one of the top executives of the Ukrainian Military Defence industry. Mykyta Knysh (Community Director) is a cyber security advisor of the Ukrainian President. His area of expertise lays in the fields of cyber security training and defense systems.

Apart of the Hacken team, the project has a number of the most proficient advisors and partners available. Ambisafe declared to be the technical advisor of the venture. The advisors of Hacken are mainly cyber security and blockchain professionals, some of them were involved in White Hat initiatives directly.

The aim of the company is to create the ecosystem and community of white hat hackers and blockchain participants which would be based on the fair share and decentralized principle. The company promotes the ethics of blockchaining and cyber security issues in all the possible forms. Hacken’s mission is to create the environment and resources for secured usage of blockchains as well as increase the awareness of the society of the cyber security issues of the modern world. The company is willing to become a platform for cyber security professionals who would be able to react to any challenge for both industries, which are sticking together rapidly.

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