Viuly Announces Live Stream Ahead of Its Beta Platform Release

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Viuly Announces Live Stream Ahead of Its Beta Platform Release
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Viuly, a blockchain-based video sharing platform, will be hosting a live stream event, which will later be followed by the launch of its beta platform.

Blockchain technology has been touted as the ultimate solution to several problems across all industries and economic systems. Its cryptographical data storage and decentralized access to information is heralding untold levels of security, transparency, accountability, and for the first time, immutability. This technology is now being leveraged to empower and liberate the exchange of values between users, especially among content creators.

Decentralization offers multiple ways for billions of viewers all over the world to access and upload content, and most importantly, rewarding them for engagement. While centralized platforms continue to show little regard for users participation and privacy, decentralized platforms are allowing startups to do right the opposite, enabling them to eliminate the intermediaries that have a vice-like grip on the industry, all while simultaneously rewarding mass participation in the process.

Viuly is leading the charge in the development of a rewarding and empowering ecosystem for content creators and viewers, while ensuring the privacy of users. Through its VIU tokens, content creators, brands, advertisers, and viewers will be able to directly transact values without any third-party involvement. All transactions will be public on its blockchain, solving the problems inherent to centralized video sharing.

Viuly represents itself a blockchain-based video sharing platform that rewards creators, authors and users for using its platform to view, upload videos and share videos. The smooth and easy-to-use platform also enables users to freely create individual channels, donate to support their favorite content creators, earn rewards for watching free videos on the platform, buy premium content with the earned VIU tokens and be able to advertise to users (an option for video creators).

To use the Viuly platform, users have to be registered and login to earn the VIU tokens as rewards.Users can earn between 25% to 95% of the ad revenue for each video that they watch while video creators will earn 65% of the ad spend by advertisers.

Among the benefits of using Viuly is the benefit of stats on views, transparency, ad spend are independent and data are recorded on the blockchain. The total ad costs are estimated to be 20% lower than centralized video platforms.

Viuly will be hosting a live stream event ahead of the launch of its beta platform. The event will showcase the exciting features and capabilities of the platform, while offering the community a chance to win great prizes through a prize draw event. Those who are interested in participating in the event will either access it by subscribing to the main Viuly channel or through the live stream link found on the main website.

Viuly’s groundbreaking video sharing blockchain solution has successfully led to a EUR 150,000 from another blockchain investment firm Krypton Capital. Viuly has reiterated its commitment to developing a strong ecosystems and partnering with related organizations to build and grow both revenues and values.

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